Renovation: What You Need to Consider during Planning

Planning is key if you want your renovation to be a success. Matters such as the cost of renovating your home and how you will finance this are not the only things to consider. Having a realistic schedule and obtaining a building permit (if one is required) are just as important. Find out what should be taken into account when planning your renovation and when it is a good idea to consult an architect.

You may start off wanting a new kitchen, improved energy consumption, or maybe an additional skylight. However, before starting your renovation, you should pause for a moment and take enough time to plan it thoroughly. This is the only way for the renovation to succeed and for you to fully enjoy your "new" apartment or house.

One of the first questions on your list should be what the renovation will cost and how you are going to finance it. It is also important to specify what you want to renovate and how. For example, is it really a good idea to demolish the whole kitchen, or are there parts of it that you can keep using? Or should you renovate the entire roof at the same time as installing your new skylight? The important thing is to have a long-term perspective in mind instead of just a short-term one.

Do You Need a Building Permit for Your Renovation?

Sometimes you can't go it alone with your renovation. Depending on the project, you may first need a building permit. To find out for sure whether you need a permit for your planned renovation, it is advisable to ask the building authority for your local municipality. Permit requirements differ from place to place. For instance, each canton has its own building code.

There is generally a distinction made between ordinary and simplified permit procedures. For example, enlarging a property requires a building permit obtained through the standard application process. A simplified application process is generally sufficient for converting rooms for a different use or making alterations to the façade (e.g. installing a new window).

Professionals Can Help You Plan Your Renovation

Sometimes there are restrictions when it comes to imagining your new home – whether as a result of your canton's building code or your municipal building or zoning laws. If you, for instance, are planning a horizontal extension, there are regulations that specify what the minimum distance must be between the edge of your property and neighboring buildings.

If you are planning a larger and more complex project, it is worth consulting a specialist. An architect or an independent builder-owner advisor can organize a building permit if necessary. Even when contractors from different disciplines are working on the renovation, it makes sense to leave the coordination of the work to a specialist. This allows you to maximize time and plan your home renovation efficiently.

Set a Limit on Costs for Your Renovation

Even before you plan your renovation in detail, you should find out what the renovation includes and roughly what it costs. In particular, a thorough analysis of the basic structure is important. This helps you see everything that needs to be renovated, which in turn allows a rough cost estimate. You can read more about the costs of a renovation here.

If you have set a cost limit and have organized financing, you can progress the renovation of your house or apartment to its next stage. Now you will work on the detailed construction plans. You should pay particular attention here to ensure you have a realistic schedule. This will ensure that your party to celebrate your new kitchen is not ruined by construction dust simply because your new skylight is not finished in time.

Are You Planning to Renovate or Upgrade Your Home?

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