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  1. Real estate information: fees, taxes, and trends

    Everything you need to know about home ownership

    The world of real estate is a complex environment. There are many laws to comply with and fees and taxes to pay. On the other hand, exciting trends and innovations offer the opportunity of tailoring the home experience to individual needs. Find out more in the article.

  2. Easements: What are easements?

    All about easements. What homeowners need to know.

    Those who know what easements are have no need to shy away from challenges as a (future) homeowner. The various aspects associated with easements that homeowners need to know about can be seen in the following example with the couple Fabienne and Christian.

  3. Extending and simultaneously increasing or repaying your mortgage

    Extending your mortgage. Adjusting the financing of real estate to new needs.

    If you are extending your mortgage, the focus should be on your needs. Perhaps you would like to simultaneously increase or repay the mortgage? Find out what you should take into consideration when extending your mortgage.

  4. Mortgage refinancing: How to transfer your mortgage.

    Mortgage refinancing. How to transfer your mortgage.

    There is a lot to consider when you want to switch banks and refinance your mortgage. Learn how to transfer your mortgage, why it is not enough to just compare mortgage interest rates, and when it pays off to refinance your mortgage despite the early repayment penalty.

  5. Withdrawal from pillar 3a for renovations: financing renovations

    Renovating and refurbishing with pension capital. What is permitted?

    Renovating residential property can quickly become expensive. Under certain conditions, money from your own pension provision can provide relief. Find out more about when the withdrawal of capital from pillar 3a for renovations is possible and how you can even use your pension fund assets as part of the promotion of home ownership program.

  6. Energy-efficient construction and renovations

    Energy-efficient construction and renovation

    An energy-efficient home of your own is good for the environment and an insurance policy against rising energy prices. That's because building or renovating your home to make it energy-efficient enables you to use natural, renewable energy sources. Read about how to make your home energy-efficient or self-sufficient as well as about what particular factors are involved.

  7. Mortgage repayment: Simply explained

    Mortgage repayment – definition, reasons, factors

    Repaying a mortgage should be thought through in the long term and adapted to the homeowner's living circumstances. This is because the process is not that simple. Repaying the second mortgage is mandatory, but there is no obligation to repay a first mortgage. In addition, the mortgage can be repaid directly or indirectly. Read this article to find out what this all means and for more information.

  8. Transitional financing: Interim financing for your home

    Moving from one home to the next: Complex transitional financing

    Our housing needs change as we get older, and a smaller apartment could be a better option than staying in the current family home. In most cases, though, people need the capital raised from selling their current home in order to purchase a new property. Transitional financing can be used to bridge the period between purchasing a new property and selling your current home, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

  9. Sustainable building and living in Switzerland

    Sustainable building in Switzerland. All information at a glance.

    Sustainability is more than just a trend. Sustainable building and living makes you less dependent on imported raw materials and will save you money. The advantages of an energy-efficient home and what homeowners need to know.

  10. Selling real estate: Differences when selling an apartment or house

    Selling your house: From preparation to handover.

    Want to sell a house, property, or condominium successfully? This is a big undertaking. Selling a house or condominium is not only a personal challenge; it's also a planning challenge and requires good preparation. This article tells you everything you need to know about the best way to market your property, the actual sale process, and what is required for a successful house viewing.