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  1. extending-your-mortgage-everything-you-need-to-know-about-follow-up-financing

    Extending your mortgage. Adjust real estate financing to suit your changing needs.

    If you extend your mortgage, your needs should take center stage. Perhaps you would like to simultaneously increase your mortgage or repay it? Find out the important aspects of follow-up financing.

  2. Real estate in old age: Tips for signing over or selling your house

    Homes in old age: planning today is better than tomorrow.

    Sooner or later, people who own a house or an apartment will need to consider what will happen with the property in old age. Is the mortgage still affordable? Is the home age-appropriate? Should the house be signed over to a child one day? It is a good idea to consider this early on.

  3. Paying off your mortgage – reasons for and against voluntary repayment

    Paying off your mortgage – reasons for and against voluntary repayment

    Compared to their international counterparts, Swiss property owners have large mortgage debts, which they often do not pay off. There are good reasons for this. Nevertheless, in some cases it can make sense to repay your mortgage. Find out when voluntary repayment is beneficial and when it is better for you not to pay off any more of your mortgage.

  4. Indirect-and-direct-repayment-compared

    Direct or indirect repayment – the right method of repayment for you

    If you need to repay your mortgage, you can choose one of two options: direct repayment or indirect repayment. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. When thinking about your mortgage repayments, you should take a long-term view and consider your personal circumstances.

  5. immobilienbewertung-bei-aenderungen-wichtig

    It pays to revalue your real estate

    Values such as amortization or maximum loan amount are generally based on the original purchase price of real estate. When planning renovations, extending an existing mortgage, or looking into bridge financing, it is advisable to have your property revalued by an expert.

  6. scaffolding-has-been-erected-for-the-renovation-of-the-facade

    Renovation: The Most Important Facts on Remodeling and Refurbishing at a Glance

    A new kitchen, the renovation and insulation of the exterior walls, or solar panels on the roof: Refurbishing and remodeling come in many forms. Find out what you need to consider when planning this type of work and what your financing options are.

  7. serious-planning-paves-the-way-for-successful-renovation

    Renovation: What You Need to Consider during Planning

    Planning is key if you want your renovation to be a success. Matters such as the cost of renovating your home and how you will finance this are not the only things to consider. Having a realistic schedule and obtaining a building permit (if one is required) are just as important. Find out what should be taken into account when planning your renovation and when it is a good idea to consult an architect.

  8. funding-programs-support-energy-related-renovations

    What You Need to Consider When Financing Your Renovation

    Are the plans for your home renovation complete and all the costs calculated? Then all that's left to take care of is the financing. Read on to find out what factors play a role when the bank decides to grant a construction loan and what government funding is possible.

  9. improve-energy-efficiency-by-insulating-the-attic

    Renovating Pays – Here's Why

    Are you toying with the idea of renovating your house or apartment? There are many reasons to do so. In addition to retaining or increasing value, improved energy efficiency is one of the most important.

  10. a-new-coat-of-paint-is-often-part-of-the-renovation

    Renovation Costs: Tips for Calculating the Investment

    How much does it cost to renovate your house or your apartment? A realistic budget is key to being able to fully enjoy your upgraded home. Learn how to correctly budget the investments for a renovation and where you can save money.