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  1. Real estate market: Facts from the real estate study and Real Estate Monitor

    Swiss real estate market: Current facts

    The quarterly Real Estate Monitor and the annual real estate study from Credit Suisse provide a comprehensive look at the Swiss real estate market. The publications focus on the long-term development of supply and demand for real estate in Switzerland.

  2. Vacancy rate for apartments: fewer vacancies in owner-occupied segment

    Vacancy rate for owner-occupied housing falling for first time in a long while

    Vacancy rates in the Swiss housing market are continuing to grow – though not in all segments. While rental apartments often remain vacant, the owner-occupied segment shows a very different picture. There, the vacancy rate for apartments has fallen for the first time in years.

  3. Abolishing the imputed rental value: what eliminating it could look like

    A good chance that imputed rental value will be abolished

    Many people consider the imputed rental value on owner-occupied homes to be unfair. That is one of the reasons the Federal Assembly would like to abolish it. What might the change to the tax code look like, exactly, and what tax deductions would likely be eliminated as a result?

  4. 2019 real estate study with rent or buy calculator

    Swiss real estate market in 2019: Buying currently costs less than renting

    Buying a home is cheaper than renting in many places thanks to low mortgage interest rates, as illustrated by the 2019 Credit Suisse real estate study. Our calculator helps you determine whether renting or buying is cheaper for you.

  5. Vacancies: Vacancy rate is rising sharply again

    More vacant apartments than ever before – yet construction continues

    There are now more vacant apartments in Switzerland than ever before. Although these vacancies mainly affect rental apartments, the vacancy rate for owner-occupied property has likewise increased. This, however, is down to other factors.

  6. swiss-real-estate-real-estate-market-benefiting-from-economic-upturn

    Swiss Real Estate Market 2018: Upturn Coming Just at the Right Time

    The Swiss real estate market is benefiting from the economic recovery. While prices of owner-occupied residential property are rising again, the situation remains challenging in the rental apartments, office, and retail markets. This is illustrated by the Credit Suisse study on the real estate market in 2018.

  7. To buy or not to buy residential property? The trends in the real estate study by CS.

    Swiss Real Estate Market 2017

    In the 17th edition of the real estate market study, Credit Suisse real estate experts share their views of the Swiss real estate market, highlight the current trends, and predict developments in Switzerland’s most important real estate segments.

  8. Swiss real estate market 2016

    Low interest rates and a modest increase in real incomes constitute a fundamentally positive backdrop to the demand for owner-occupied housing in 2016. Demand will additionally be supported by the home-ownership aspirations of immigrants who have settled in Switzerland.