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  1. Energy prices: Rising ancillary costs for homeowners

    Soaring energy prices causing homeowners to rethink

    High energy prices were already a cause for concern for homeowners last year. The latest price increases are now likely to cause many to rethink their use of fossil fuels for heating. The current Real Estate Monitor from Credit Suisse shows how higher energy prices are impacting ancillary costs and the demand for energy renovations in the Swiss real estate market.

  2. Real Estate Monitor: Property prices are rising despite inflation

    Rising property prices despite higher interest rates

    Persistent inflation and rising interest rates have so far had little impact on the Swiss real estate market. On the contrary, property prices continue to rise. Rents and residential property are becoming expensive. Read the Credit Suisse Real Estate Monitor Q3 to learn about the underlying causes of this development.

  3. The real estate market in Switzerland: Second homes getting more expensive

    Demand for second homes in Switzerland has soared

    While prices stagnated or even dropped for years, prices for second homes are now booming. Higher demand on the housing market since the COVID-19 pandemic is not the only reason.

  4. Digital real estate: Real estate appraisals through machine learning

    Digital real estate. When algorithms do appraisals.

    For over 20 years now, real estate appraisals in Switzerland have been performed with the help of algorithms. Cutting-edge machine learning techniques can further improve the accuracy of current estimates. However, this comes at the cost of transparency and increases volatility. This article covers these issues and more concerning digital real estate.

  5. Real estate market in Switzerland: Inflation due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine

    Inflation hits the Swiss real estate market

    A seemingly never-ending phase of low interest rates has caused real estate values to skyrocket. Find out how the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are bringing an end to the low interest rate era and what this means for the Swiss real estate market. The Real Estate Monitor Q2 on the consequences for owners, tenants, and construction companies.

  6. Rental apartment market: Demand unaffected by the pandemic

    Demand on the rental apartment market is strong. In spite of the pandemic. 

    The demand for rental apartments has been unaffected by the pandemic. In 2022 as well, landlords can expect the market to show keen interest in their rental properties. However, the percentage of newly built apartments for rent is declining. That means the supply of rental apartments is lagging behind the demand.

  7. The real estate market in Switzerland: Residential property is becoming more expensive

    2022 real estate study: Too little construction activity is leading to higher residential property prices

    The Swiss real estate market is characterized by sharply rising prices for residential property. That is making it more difficult for many to finance home ownership. Credit Suisse's 2022 real estate study reveals the causes: short supply, persistently high demand, and sales techniques such as the bidding process.

  8. Real estate market in 2022: Pandemic slows down urbanization

    Swiss real estate market in 2022: The pandemic is slowing down urbanization

    The COVID-19 pandemic has longer-term consequences than originally assumed; the blurred lines between office and home have shifted house-hunter demand to less central locations. While this does not mark the end of urbanization, it will likely be slowed down in major urban centers. The 2022 real estate study also shows the other ways in which changed demand behavior affects the Swiss real estate market.

  9. Pandemic slows urbanization and boosts market for second homes

    Credit Suisse publishes its ”Swiss Real Estate Market 2022” study

  10. Housing market vacancies are falling surprisingly strongly

    Swiss real estate market in 2021: Trend reversal on housing market

    The Swiss residential property market is seen as sluggish. Yet the COVID-19 pandemic has brought real movement to the most important segment of the real estate market. As well as a trend reversal in vacancies, interesting demand shifts can be seen.