Real estate market: Facts from the real estate study and Real Estate Monitor

Swiss real estate market: Current facts

The quarterly Real Estate Monitor and the annual real estate study from Credit Suisse provide a comprehensive look at the Swiss real estate market. The publications focus on the long-term development of supply and demand for real estate in Switzerland.

At the core of both the real estate study and the Real Estate Monitor is a review of the current market situation. For example, prices for condominiums and single-family dwellings have risen almost continuously since 2002. There was only a brief decline in prices in 2017. Initially, the reasons behind the increase in demand for residential properties and the rise in prices were relatively low price levels and strong economic growth. Over the last few years, historically low mortgage rates have been the main driver.

The publications do not limit themselves however to an analysis of the market for residential property. Each one contains a section on the markets for residential properties, offices and commercial space as well as real estate investments.

The Credit Suisse real estate study provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation on the Swiss real estate market.

Thomas Rieder, real estate specialist at Credit Suisse

In addition to the development of real estate prices and vacancies, the real estate study also looks at current topics. This provides a fascinating insight into the special features of the Swiss real estate market and societal changes. Why are high-rise buildings going through a renaissance? Who makes the decision when purchasing a house – the man or the woman? What is the reason behind the increase in single-person households? What impact do regulatory measures have on demand for residential properties? These and many other questions have been answered in previous editions of the real estate study.

Highlights from previous publications

Q2 2021 real estate study

Three-quarters of young adults dream of owning their own home 

The desire for home ownership is strong among Generations Y and Z. However, it's a dream that is increasingly out of reach. 

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Real Estate Monitor Q2 2021
2021 real estate study

Demand for residential property higher than ever

COVID-19 has not slowed demand for residential property. Quite the opposite, in fact: People's desire to own their own home has a reached a new peak.

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2021 real estate study
Real Estate Monitor Q3 2020

Rental apartment construction continues to boom. Even in the wake of COVID-19.

However, the situation is different for owner-occupied housing, where the number of building permits has dropped to a record low.

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Real Estate Monitor Q2 2020
Real Estate Monitor Q2 2020

Rapid normalization expected for owner-occupied property market 

The COVID-19 crisis shook up the real estate market, but the standstill was brief in nature.

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Real Estate Monitor Q2 2020
In focus: The effects of the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus won't bring Swiss real estate market to its knees

The Swiss real estate market will not emerge from the coronavirus crisis unscathed. Fears of an imminent crash are nevertheless unfounded.

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Real estate study 2020
Real estate study 2020

High real estate prices leading to more commuters

The further away from the city, the more affordable residential property becomes. Our map can help you find the best place to live.

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Real estate study 2020
Real Estate Monitor Q3 2019

Vacancy rates falling for the first time in a long time 

While rental housing often remains empty for long periods of time, residential property paints a different picture. 

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Real Estate Monitor Q3 2019
Real Estate Monitor Q2 2019

Imputed rental value could soon be history

Will the imputed rental value be abolished? The chances of this happening look good. How this systemic change could look for home owners.

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Immobilienmarkt q2 2019
Real estate study 2019

Low interest rate environment makes buying residential property more attractive

In many places, buying is now cheaper than renting. Our calculator shows if this is the case in your region.

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2019 real estate study
Real estate monitor q4 2018

Trend reversal in the office space market

The economic upturn has increased demand for office space – but not to the same extent everywhere.

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real estate monitor q4 2018
Real Estate Monitor Q3 2018

More vacancies than ever

There have never been as many vacant apartments as there are today. Demand for condominiums is falling as well.

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Real estate study 2018

Prices for residential property continue to rise

Where is residential property expensive? Our interactive map provides information about prices and affordability.

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Real estate study 2017

Property prices fall slightly

Financing a home has become more difficult. And it’s affecting prices.

Where prices are falling