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  1. Forward mortgage: Taking out a fixed-rate mortgage in advance

    Greater security thanks to a forward mortgage.

    Mortgage interest rates are currently at record lows and many homeowners want to take advantage of this. With a forward mortgage, you can fix the interest rate of a future fixed-rate mortgage right now, even if your current mortgage has not yet reached the end of its term.

  2. Mortgage refinancing: How to transfer your mortgage.

    Mortgage refinancing. How to transfer your mortgage.

    There is a lot to consider when you want to change banks and refinance your mortgage. Learn how to transfer your mortgage, why it is not enough to just compare mortgage interest rates, and when it pays off to refinance your mortgage despite the early repayment penalty.

  3. extending-your-mortgage-everything-you-need-to-know-about-follow-up-financing

    Extending your mortgage. Adjust real estate financing to suit your changing needs.

    If you extend your mortgage, your needs should take center stage. Perhaps you would like to simultaneously increase your mortgage or repay it? Find out the important aspects of follow-up financing.

  4. Real estate in old age: Tips for signing over or selling your house

    Homes in old age: planning today is better than tomorrow.

    Sooner or later, people who own a house or an apartment will need to consider what will happen with the property in old age. Is the mortgage still affordable? Is the home age-appropriate? Should the house be signed over to a child one day? It is a good idea to consider this early on.

  5. mortgages-the-effects-of-rising-interest-rates-in-switzerland

    How Rising Interest Rates Could Affect Homeowners

    In relation to its economic performance, Switzerland's economy has similar levels of debt to Italy, the US, and China. Mortgage debt is particularly high. Despite the high number of fixed-rate mortgages, rising interest rates should not be underestimated.

  6. transitional financing interim financing of an owner occupied home

    Between Two Homes: Complex Transitional Financing

    If you own your own home, you could be confronted at any time by events that turn into complex financing problems. Cases in point are the purchase of a new home, or the separation of married couples with a joint mortgage. Risk protection is valuable in these instances. However, frequently even this is of no help. The financial barriers often seem insurmountable, as the following example shows.