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  1. invest-for-the-long-term-don't-hesitate-when-it-comes-to-investing-your-money

    Invest for the long term. The best time to start is today.

    Fear of potential crises or dips in the economy should not influence an investment strategy. This is particularly the case when you want to invest for the long term. As a general rule when investing, taking action typically pays off more than waiting passively.

  2. Investment fund savings plan: Save via funds to invest for the long term

    Reach your long-term saving goals. With the Investment fund savings plan.

    In the past, people who wanted to save opened a savings account in the hope of obtaining high interest rates. Nowadays, an Investment fund savings plan is a more promising alternative: Long-term saving is combined with investing. How saving via funds succeeds. 

  3. IPOs-how-private-individuals-buy-shares-in-an-IPO-in-Switzerland

    IPOs are an important opportunity. Here's how to invest in them. 

    By the time the IPO bell is rung on the first day of trading, it's already too late to buy newly listed stocks. Find out how private investors can get hold of shares in an IPO, and how the Swiss IPO process works.

  4. Pledge your assets instead of selling them. Lombard loans create liquidity.

    Those urgently in need of cash generally sell a portion of their securities. Instead of doing that, investors can also take out a Lombard loan. This enables them to continue benefiting from the potential return of their portfolios. Below are some points to keep in mind.

  5. dividend-strategies-rely-on-a-regular-dividend-yield

    Counting on dividends. Preventing risks.

    The financial markets have recovered. However, the price gains are largely attributed to investor sentiment, rather than improved earnings prospects. How dividend strategies work and why such defensive investment strategies are particularly interesting now.

  6. investing-the-most common-myths-when-it-comes-to-investing-money

    Myths are persistent. Beware of these five mistakes when investing.

    Investing is fraught with myths. This has the effect of either putting people off investing money or emboldening some to put far too much faith in investing. We debunk five widespread myths and give you the facts.

  7. funds-what-you-need-to-know-about-investment-funds

    Funds explained: the mechanics of investment funds

    Funds are promising investment options for investors. But what exactly are funds and how do they work? Learn about the different types of funds, what benefits they offer, and what you as an investor should be aware of.

  8. Bonds: How interest-rate developments affect returns

    Bonds react to interest-rate developments. What it means for investors.

    The price of a bond may change during the term. Learn how interest-rate development impacts the value of fixed-interest securities and how investors can strategically align their bond portfolio.

  9. indirect-real-estate-investments-positive-annual-performance-expected

    Positive annual performance expected from indirect Swiss real estate investments

    Indirect investments in Swiss real estate experienced value adjustments last year. These turned out to be an overreaction. The price-risk ratio is very attractive once again. We therefore expect a positive annual performance from real estate funds and equities.

  10. investing-money-without-risk-tips-for-uncertain-times

    Financial market uncertainty stirs up fears. This is how to invest your money more safely.

    There is no way of investing money without risk. Political or economic growth concerns weigh on the financial markets time after time. How should investors react during uncertain times? Important tips on how to invest your money safely.