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  1. crude-oil-prices-outlook-on-the-development-of-oil-prices-in-2019

    Focus on crude oil: Prices are likely to rise again after turbulence

    Oil prices experienced some turbulence in late 2018: oil prices fell across the globe. A deterioration of the fundamental aspects and high volatility were the causes of this price drop. But how will the price of crude oil develop in the new year?

  2. focus-on-the-global-economy-will-recession-follow-the-bear-market

    A look-back at the global economy: The upswing before the downturn

    Advanced equity market cycles often create good returns. Although the momentum of the global economy is slowing down and suggesting an imminent recession, there are valid reasons to have patience with equities. We look at past and future developments. 

  3. Electromobility. The investment theme of the future

    Intelligent mobility. Smart investment in transportation

    Technological developments are revolutionizing many sectors of the economy. We only have to think of the retail trade, the financial industry or the media. The world of mobility is also changing right now. We explore some of the catalysts and key aspects of e-mobility in brief.

  4. what-is-a-bond-loan-principles-explained

    What is a bond?

    Bonds are popular sources of funding for companies and preferred investments for investors. But what is a bond? How can I purchase a bond? And does investing pay off? The most important facts about bonds explained.

  5. yield-curves-and-us-economy-under-pressure

    Interest rate debate: US yield curve leveling off

    The flattening of the US yield curve has been the subject of a significant debate because, in the past, curve inversions have been associated with economic slowdowns. This article discusses the reasons for the flattening and a forecast for economic growth in the US.

  6. commodities-within-a-portfolio-smart-investing-in-commodities

    Focus on Commodities

    Commodities are an integral part of our everyday lives. They are in our smartphones, and every year the average person in Switzerland consumes more than 600 liters of gasoline. But not only do commodities make our day-to-day lives possible, they can generate added value as financial investments. Find out here how you can use commodities effectively in your portfolio.

  7. portfolio-investing-money-in-line-with-your-investment-strategy

    Ten steps to a diversified portfolio

    Diversifying investments means different things to different people. Some investors are willing to take on more risk, while others shy away from risk altogether. But there are certain principles that apply to everyone. Here are ten things you should consider when it comes to a diversified portfolio.

  8. equities-why-the-bull-market-could-persist

    The reasons why stock exchanges still have upside potential

    Many investors have been disillusioned with 2018. Nothing seems to be as easy as it was last year. While many investors are already in a pessimistic mindset, however, we prefer to swim against the current. Read six reasons why the equity bull market could persist.

  9. inflation-the-most-important-facts-on-inflation-and-prime-rates-at-a-glance

    What You Need to Know about Inflation

    Inflation is like toothpaste. Once it is out of the tube, it is very difficult to put back in. It occurs when competition is missing. It then reduces our purchasing power and distorts the signaling effect of prices. Accordingly, it is important to avoid it. Which is why it is a key target value of monetary and structural policies.

  10. Find-a-successful-investment-strategy-for-the-long-term

    Successful Investing for the Long Term

    Investing money usually means planning for the long term. So what must be kept in mind, and what investments are the most successful over the long term? Tips for a long-term investment strategy.