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  1. Cleantech: The biggest investment opportunity of our time

    Cleantech – the biggest investment opportunity of our time?

    The much-feared impacts of climate change demand action. A variety of companies in the cleantech sector have made that their mission – and their future looks bright. Cleantech investments are now considered to be the biggest investment opportunity.

  2. Green investments: Leveraging the opportunities of sustainable investments

    Eco-investing. Why sustainable investments are becoming more vital. 

    Investors would be well advised to keep a close eye on trends in the area of sustainability. One reason to do so is that changes in the world's climate can create investment risks. What's more, sustainable investments and green investments are continuing to surge, with the potential to generate exciting returns in the future. 

  3. Nine principles for optimal wealth management.

    Nine principles for optimal wealth management. 

    Predictions are often overrated as a guide to investing successfully, and the key principles of successful investors are mostly underrated. That is why it's worth restating these principles for a successful investment strategy on the stock market. 

  4. Buying gold: Diversify your portfolio

    Buying gold as a long-term investment. Now also with 2% annual distribution.

    Since its discovery, gold captures human’s imagination through its color, weight and its scarcity. Ancient cultures assumed that gold was transcendental. Nowadays, this shiny metal fulfils a much different function as a long-term investment. Security and diversification of the investment portfolio. 

  5. Innovative and flexible. Swiss companies defy crises

    Innovative and flexible. Swiss companies defy crises.

    The domestic economy is doing comparatively well in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. This is partly because Swiss companies have learned the right lessons from the Swiss franc shock. They consistently rely on quality and innovation and thus help make Swiss exports crisis-resistant. 

  6. Equity markets: Important information for investors on structural change

    Equity markets high despite the crisis. What investors need to know.

    COVID-19 and the resulting crisis have shifted important parameters for the economy, stock exchanges, and investors. The global structural change triggered by the virus is transforming the equity markets. Read about the key aspects which investors need to consider carefully.

  7. Sustainable funds: Earning returns with ESG criteria

    Using a sustainable fund to take care of the oceans and receive a return

    The Credit Suisse RockefellerSM Ocean Engagement Fund partners with select companies in their commitment to the world's oceans. With its ESG criteria, the sustainable fund not only helps protect the oceans, but its dedication to the seas also improves returns for its investors.

  8. The Chinese economy: Attractive equity market for investors.

    The Chinese economy is growing. Attractive equity market for investors. 

    The Chinese economy has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic well. This means that the equity market there offers attractive prospects for foreign investors. An analysis of where opportunities and risks lie for investors. 

  9. Stock market trends: Equities still attractive for investors

    Equities showing potential. Four reasons why stock market trends are pointing up.

    Economic fluctuations are still possible, but investors can use equities to benefit even from the current stock market trends. That is because they still offer upside potential. So, it is advisable to have a well-thought-out investment strategy that will pay off in the long run.

  10. Sustainable stocks: Sustainable investing makes sense

    Sustainable stocks. An investment solution with a future.

    Interest in sustainable investments is growing worldwide. The reason for this is simple: Such investments are performing well. Particularly in Switzerland and in emerging markets, sustainable stocks are delivering above average returns and sustainable investing promises to remain attractive.