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  1. Sustainable stocks: Sustainable investing makes sense

    Sustainable stocks. An investment solution with a future.

    Interest in sustainable investments is growing worldwide. The reason for this is simple: Such investments are performing well. Particularly in Switzerland and in emerging markets, sustainable stocks are delivering above average returns and sustainable investing promises to remain attractive.

  2. Commodities: The whys and hows of investing in commodities

    Invest in commodities. Diversify your portfolio.

    We deal with commodities in our day-to-day lives: when shopping, at the gas station, and when making a call with a mobile phone. But investors can also invest in commodities. To diversify their portfolio, for example. Because commodity price trends correlate little with those of other types of investments.

  3. Real estate investing: Generate returns with real estate funds and similar investments

    Invest in real estate. Take advantage of attractive investment opportunities.

    There are many ways to invest in real estate, from direct purchases and equities, to real estate funds and crowdinvesting. Read what investors should keep in mind, and why real estate investments are particularly smart at the moment. 

  4. Structured products – better than their reputation suggests

    Making innovative investments – structured products open up new options

    Low interest rates and high equity valuations are causing investors to look for suitable alternatives. Structured products combine derivatives with traditional investment products, thus offering variable investment opportunities so you can leverage attractive potential yields in any market environment. This article reveals what you need to know about the topic.

  5. Investing sustainably: Sustainable funds are particularly stable

    Sustainable investments. With return opportunities.

    The coronavirus lockdown showed how quickly our planet recovers from environmental impacts. However, with the lifting of the measures, the pendulum is swinging back. Why sustainable investing is important especially now – and what attractive growth opportunities sustainable funds with an ESG focus offer.

  6. Invest successfully. With these basics.

    Investing money is neither an art form nor wizardry: It's a skill that can be learned. However, there are a few rules for making it profitable. Read our top tips for investing successfully.

  7. Seize market opportunities. Long-term benefit with fund investments.

    Seize market opportunities. Long-term benefit with fund investments.

    Market corrections create uncertainty, but they always present opportunities as well. In the current environment of low interest rates, holding onto cash is not an alternative to investing. Investments in Credit Suisse fund investments make it possible to both save and generate return. Read how funds can help you seize opportunities in the financial markets with little effort and optimize your asset management.

  8.  investing the most common myths when it comes to investing money

    Myths are persistent. Beware of these five mistakes when investing.

    Investing is fraught with myths. This has the effect of either putting people off investing money or emboldening some to put far too much faith in investing. We debunk five widespread myths and give you the facts.

  9. When to invest? – Waiting for the perfect day doesn't pay.

    When to invest? – Waiting for the perfect day doesn't pay.

    When is the right day to invest? Many investors search for the moment at which an investment will yield attractive returns. But the time to invest is unequivocally "now." Because waiting as an investment strategy does not pay off over the long term.

  10. Buying into dividends. For steady, regular income.

    Turbulent times in the markets are a challenge for investors. Risks must be assumed in order to obtain positive yields and dividends. Investors can benefit twofold by selecting products and fund solutions with a focus on payout in line with their own investment strategy.