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  1. Fundraising: How foundations are strategically collecting donations

    Strategic fundraising. Two effective approaches.

    Fundraising has considerable potential for charitable foundations as well. But taking a strategic approach is the only way to achieve your goals. Stéphanie Kebeiks from the Pro Juventute youth foundation and Carole Burri from the Schweizer Tafel hunger relief foundation know this all too well. The area heads provide information on strategies and approaches for collecting donations and take a look at the future of fundraising.

  2. Real estate holding: Properly holding real estate and optimizing taxes

    Holding real estate: Take advantage of optimization potential

    What is the most expedient form, from a tax perspective, for holding real estate? Private real estate investors often ask themselves this question. Find out which factors must be taken into account and how Credit Suisse supports you in this.

  3. Optimizing taxes by planning ahead

    Optimizing taxes. Reducing your tax burden with good planning.

    Distinctions among the cantons including major differences in tax burdens: It can be challenging to stay on top of taxes in Switzerland. So it's even more worthwhile to use comprehensive tax planning aimed at optimizing taxes.

  4. Employee participation: Things to consider for taxation

    Employee participation as compensation: Here are the tax implications.

    Employee participation is highly popular in Switzerland as a means of motivating, compensating, and retaining employees. Find out what alternatives exist aside from employee shares and how they are taxed.

  5. Maximum Pillar 3a amount in 2021

    Maximum Pillar 3a amount in 2021

    Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV) and employee benefits insurance (BVG) only cover 60 to 70 percent of the previous household income after retirement. If you want to maintain your accustomed standard of living even in your old age, you should therefore contribute the maximum Pillar 3a amount every year. But what are the maximum Pillar 3a amounts for 2021?

  6. A revision to the law of succession: a new succession law for Switzerland

    A revision to the law of succession: increased self-determination regarding your estate

    The anticipated revision to the Swiss law of succession promises increased self-determination regarding your estate. The current law of succession came into force over 100 years ago and is no longer fit for purpose. We explore the legislative changes planned by the federal government.

  7. Retirement planning for young people: How best to save when young

    Early pension planning? Sure thing! The best tips for young adults.

    "My pension won't be enough anyhow!" The 2020 Credit Suisse Youth Barometer shows young adults are thinking about the future. Retirement provision is at the top of their agenda. The reason is that it is currently in serious distress – with dire consequences for the younger generation. So, what can you do? Save for old age as wisely and early as possible! The best retirement planning tips for young people – across all the pillars.

  8. Wave of retirements among baby boomers: What it means for the Swiss pension system

    The wave of baby boomer retirements is gathering momentum. What does that mean for younger generations?

    Many workers dream of taking early retirement. From a labor market perspective, however, exactly the opposite should be made more attractive: working beyond normal retirement age. That is because the wave of baby boomers entering retirement in Switzerland is creating a distinct imbalance in retirement provision, as Credit Suisse's 2020 pension study reveals.

  9. Retirement planning: Planning for retirement early

    Retirement planning for every stage of life.

    Planning pension provision early pays off in old age. Those who give regular consideration to retirement planning and make any necessary adjustments have fewer worries about financial security in old age. Keep this in mind so that you can enjoy your retirement to the full later on.

  10. 2020 retirement provision study by Credit Suisse – early retirement prospects and trends

    Retirement provision study: Who will be able to afford to retire early in the future?

    Half of all retirees today retired early. Will current workers be able to take advantage of this option to the same extent? The new study "Early retirement: The path is becoming more difficult" by the Credit Suisse Research team explores this issue and reveals the true cost of early retirement.