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  1. Comparison of marriage and cohabitation

    Marriage vs. cohabitation. What difference does it make to pension provision?

    Marriage vs. cohabitation? Legal differences abound when it comes to the issue of pension benefits. In Switzerland, marriage offers clear advantages in terms of statutory pension and inheritance entitlements – benefits not afforded to couples who don't have the protection of a marriage certificate. Cohabitation, on the other hand, provides greater flexibility. These differences between marriage and cohabitation continue to exist.

  2. Pension provision in a registered partnership

    Security for your life partner. What same-sex couples need to know.

    Under a registered partnership, same-sex couples can live together and take responsibility for one another. But what if one partner dies or is no longer able to work due to illness? Read about the benefits from your pension plan in the event of disability or death.

  3. Pillar 3a maximum amount for 2022: Planning your contributions

    Maximum Pillar 3a amount for 2022

    The maximum Pillar 3a amounts for 2022 have been announced. Get the information you need and start planning for tomorrow with Pillar 3a. 

  4. Pillar 3a: Start early and consistently make deposits

    Paying into Pillar 3a is worthwhile. Even bit by bit.

    Maintain the standard of living you're accustomed to even after retirement with Pillar 3a. It's possible, if you take account of all the contributory factors. Deciding factors not only include the interest or return level, but above all, how long and how regularly deposits are made.

  5. AHV 21: These are the most important changes

    AHV 21 reform: The most important changes compared with today

    The Federal Council wants to safeguard the first pillar (AHV/Old Age and Survivors' Insurance) until 2030 by means of the AHV 21 reform. To do so, it is meeting the needs of insured by allowing greater flexibility in the retirement age. In addition, the Federal Council is providing incentives to continue working for longer. The reform will be financed by bringing the retirement age for women into line with that of men and increasing value added tax.

  6. The right way to inherit. Preserving family value. 

    Three families, three different stories about inheriting. An aristocratic family, the son of an entrepreneur, and two company heirs talk about the challenges of their inheritances and what they are doing to pass their families' value on to the next generation.

  7. Expenditure-based tax: What you need to know as a foreign taxpayer

    Expenditure-based tax: What you need to know

    Expenditure-based taxation can be a highly convenient way for non-Swiss citizens to pay their tax bill. Learn what you need to know about this favored method of taxation.

  8. A revision to the law of succession: a new succession law for Switzerland

    A revision to the law of succession: increased self-determination regarding your estate

    The anticipated revision to the Swiss law of succession promises increased self-determination regarding your estate. The current law of succession came into force over 100 years ago and is no longer fit for purpose. We explore the legislative changes planned by the federal government, which are scheduled to be implemented in 2023.

  9. Swiss taxes: The Swiss tax system explained for newcomers

    Taxes in Switzerland: What you should know about the Swiss tax system when moving here

    Are you thinking about relocating to Switzerland? If so, it's a good idea to start familiarizing yourself with the Swiss tax system before you move. After all, your tax burden may vary based on your place of residence.

  10. Financial security in the event of disability or death

    Financial security for every family situation

    There's nothing worse than an unexpected event that results in disability or even death. To ensure that finances do not cause additional strain in these difficult times, you should not put off financial arrangements for yourself and your loved ones.