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  • Girl looking up inquisitively: Mom, what does a bank do?

    Mom, what does a bank do?

    Online banking, e-shopping, cryptocurrencies – the world of money is changing at an unprecedented speed: What does this mean for the financial future of our children?

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Digipigi is available in four fun colors from all Credit Suisse branches. The digital money box responds with facial expressions and sounds when you deposit money or transactions are made on a related Viva Kids account. There are also Digipigi apps for parents and children.

Digipigi in pink

Talking to children about debt

The boy next door who borrows money for admission to the swimming pool because he's forgotten his wallet, or a friend who needs money for the cinema: Debt quickly becomes a topic of conversation at the family dinner table. In his column, Daniel Betschart of the organization Pro Juventute explains what to focus on and how to raise children's awareness about debt.

Parents with child unpacking moving boxes.

Manuel, 10 years old

Tiziana, 8 years old

Levin, 8 years old

These are the winning entries in the "Banknote" contest.

These are the winning entries in the coloring contest.

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Five facts about money with which you can amaze your child

What do Swiss coins have in common with 200 blue whales, and why you shouldn't throw away burned notes – you can use these facts to arouse your child's curiosity about money.

Father explains something to son while fishing.

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