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  1. Market uncertainty and investment myths – an assessment

    The current economic environment is characterized by uncertainty and fear. This scenario not only influences the investment behavior of market participants but also encourages half-truths about investing. Franco Dorizzi, who leads the wealthy families department in German-speaking Switzerland for Credit Suisse, gives us his take on some common investment myths.

  2. Corporate succession: Finding the optimal succession solution

    Being prepared for the unexpected in corporate succession

    Succession management is an important and highly personal undertaking, especially for family firms. At the same time, the decision can be influenced by many factors such as whether children are even interested in succeeding the previous generation in the first place. As such, corporate succession should be planned with a long-term perspective.

  3. Inflation rates and market volatility: Tips for investors

    Inflation at its peak? Steering an optimum course through turbulent markets.

    The high inflation rates are furrowing the brows of many investors. The good news is that inflation is likely to peak soon. But volatility in the markets remains. How investors can respond to this situation.

  4. Maintaining liquidity in volatile markets with structured loans

    Maintaining liquidity in volatile markets with structured loans.

    High net worth investors can tap into exciting investment opportunities in turbulent times with the help of loan financing. Philippe Leuenberger, Head of Strategic Advisory & Structured Financing Solutions at Credit Suisse, talks in this interview about the opportunities in the current market environment and attractive financing solutions.

  5. Pre-IPO investments. Seizing investment opportunities prior to flotation

    Investments in private companies. Making the most of investment opportunities.

    Those investing in private companies can find hidden gems with high returns. But these investments also present risks. What investors should bear in mind when investing in private companies.

  6. Investing in the Metaverse: digital opportunities in the Metaverse

    Why investing in the Metaverse can pay off

    The Metaverse, blockchain and NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) are no longer dreams of the future. What’s more these new technologies will shape the economy in the coming years. So, what developments can be expected and what do they mean for ultra-high net worth investors?

  7. Cybersicherheit im Family Office: Tipps gegen Cyberangriffe

    How single family offices can protect themselves against cyberattacks.

    Secrecy surrounds single family offices, particularly concerning cyber-breaches. Cyber-expert Martin Clements talks to a representative of one such office about how security measures protect beneficiaries’ money and secrets from online criminals, and then offers advice on how to make that protection even better.

  8. Investieren in China: ESG-Faktoren nehmen an Bedeutung zu

    Investing in China. Focus on sustainability and corporate governance.

    China has caused a stir with its announced sustainability goals. Corporate governance and sustainable investments are to be promoted in the future. What impact will this policy shift have on the markets?

  9. Direct real estate investments: Continuing pressure on returns

    Continuing pressure on returns from direct real estate investments

    Direct Swiss real estate investments have once again proved to be crisis resistant. The ongoing economic recovery is further strengthening their earnings base. The latest increases in long-term interest rates are therefore unlikely to scare off real estate investors due to the lack of alternatives.

  10. Alternative investments: A valuable means to diversify a portfolio

    Effective diversification. Alternative investments open up opportunities.

    Are there any alternatives to equities for ultra-high net worth investors in the low interest rate environment? The answer is: yes – alternative investments. Yet many are still hesitant, since alternative forms of investment are fraught with numerous myths. Find out why high net worth investors can benefit from this asset class and optimize the diversification of their portfolio.