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  1. Portfolio design: Use impact investments to minimize climate risks

    Generate impact and returns. With sustainable portfolio design.

    Climate risks are becoming more relevant in a wide range of areas, and the investment world is no exception. A portfolio design that aims to reduce our carbon footprint offers attractive opportunities, particularly for ultra-high net worth individuals. Thanks to impact investing and sustainable investments, they can cultivate new return opportunities while doing their part to combat climate change.

  2. Direct real estate investments: Logistics properties offer opportunities

    Earn attractive, long-term yields. With direct real estate investments.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll, but direct real estate investments still offer relatively attractive returns. Investors with high net worth and large portfolios will find excellent opportunities in logistics properties to earn additional returns and diversify if they possess the appropriate expertise in this area. Multi-family dwellings also remain a rewarding option for investing in real estate.

  3. Asia's economy: Opportunities and risks for Europe in Asia

    Partnership or competition? The impact of Asia and Europe on the global economy.

    Europe and Asia are two key pillars of the global economy and are closely intertwined. How the relationship between these two global powers is likely to develop in the future and the opportunities Asia's economy has in store for international trade as well as European and Swiss investors.