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  1. Direct real estate investments – the market is heading for a soft landing

    Direct real estate investments – the market is heading for a soft landing

    Direct real estate investments have been in high demand in recent years. With the interest rate reversal in 2022, investment properties are no longer the obvious choice. That said, the positive performance on the consumer market and Switzerland's economic stability have prevented direct real estate investments from losing too much of their appeal.

  2. Optimizing strategic asset allocation. What you need to know.

    Optimizing strategic asset allocation. What you need to know

    The right asset allocation is fundamental for a successful investment portfolio. Rising interest rates and ongoing volatility create risks, but also new opportunities, such as higher bond yields and investing in alternative investments. Sectors and strategies toward which investors should ideally align their portfolio.

  3. Pre-IPO investments. Seizing investment opportunities prior to flotation

    Investments in private companies. Making the most of investment opportunities.

    Those investing in private companies can find hidden gems with high returns. But these investments also present risks. What investors should bear in mind when investing in private companies.

  4. Investing in the Metaverse: digital opportunities in the Metaverse

    Why investing in the Metaverse can pay off

    The Metaverse, blockchain and NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) are no longer dreams of the future. What’s more these new technologies will shape the economy in the coming years. So, what developments can be expected and what do they mean for ultra-high net worth investors?

  5. Alternative investments: A valuable means to diversify a portfolio

    Effective diversification. Alternative investments open up opportunities.

    Are there any alternatives to equities for ultra-high net worth investors in the low interest rate environment? The answer is: yes – alternative investments. Yet many are still hesitant, since alternative forms of investment are fraught with numerous myths. Find out why high net worth investors can benefit from this asset class and optimize the diversification of their portfolio.

  6. New technologies are on the rise. The opportunities afforded by AI.

    Artificial intelligence has become a global buzzword. But will it live up to its promise? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Should it be part of one’s investments? Absolutely. Artificial intelligence shows great promise and reward – as long as focus, rigor, and prudence are applied.

  7. Real estate portfolios: Transparency is key to greater sustainability

    Transparency is key to a more sustainable real estate portfolio 

    Sustainable real estate is a success factor and highly sought-after. Through transparency and a focus on ESG factors, investors with large real estate portfolios can generate additional returns.

  8. Asia's economy: Opportunities and risks for Europe in Asia

    Partnership or competition? The impact of Asia and Europe on the global economy.

    Europe and Asia are two key pillars of the global economy and are closely intertwined. How the relationship between these two global powers is likely to develop in the future and the opportunities Asia's economy has in store for international trade as well as European and Swiss investors.