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  1. Condominium association: Obligations of condominium owners

    Living in a condominium. Your role and obligations.

    Anyone buying a condominium also assumes part of the responsibility for the entire property. How you can contribute to a harmonious condominium association and what tasks condominium owners and managers can expect.

  2. Buying a place to live in Zurich: Real estate is expensive in Zurich

    "Prices have risen sharply in many municipalities in Zurich"

    Anyone who wants to buy a house or an apartment in the Canton of Zurich needs a good deal of patience, depending on the circumstances. Suzana Trifunovic, Head of the Mortgage Center Zurich-North, gives tips in our interview and says in which regions in the Canton of Zurich real estate is booming.

  3. Pillar 3a for residential property: advance withdrawal and pledging

    For your own home: Use Pillar 3a for a residential property

    Anyone in Switzerland who is lacking equity capital to purchase their own real estate can use Pillar 3a funds for residential property. Read this article to find out how this is possible and what you need to note for pledging and withdrawing Pillar 3a assets.

  4. Real estate in Basel: It is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a house in the Basel area

    "Basel has done a lot to ensure that it's an attractive place to live"

    It is becoming increasingly difficult to find residential property in the city of Basel and the surrounding metropolitan area. In the interview, Philipp Zeugin, Head of Mortgage Center Northern Switzerland, explains where and how it is still possible to buy a house or apartment in the Basel region.

  5. Building a house with good planning. Seven key points.

    Building a house with good planning. Seven key points.

    Many people dream of building a house from the ground up, and today there are many options, from prefabricated houses to solid concrete single family dwellings. Find out which important points you need to consider when you want to build your own home.

  6. pension-fund-to-buy-a-home-pledging-and-advance-withdrawals

    Using your pension fund to purchase a home: Advance withdrawals and pledging

    In Switzerland, pension fund assets can be used to purchase a home. There are two options: advance withdrawal and pledging. Learn about the differences, and see the best option for your situation.

  7. promotion-of-home-ownership-purchase-real-estate-with-pension-capital

    Achieve your dream home with sufficient equity capital: An overview

    The dream of owning your own home should not be defeated by a shortage of equity capital. As part of the promotion of home ownership scheme, you can use funds from your retirement provision and thereby contribute sufficient equity capital to ensure that your property can be financed.

  8. Buying a house in Bern: Real estate in Bern is in high demand

    "Real estate in Bern and Thun often goes to the highest bidder"

    The demand for residential property is high in the city of Bern and the surrounding area, says Nadja Müller, Head of Credit Suisse's mortgage center for southeastern Bern. In this interview, she gives tips for buying property in Bern. 

  9. Buying your first apartment – purchasing a condominium in seven steps

    Seven steps to buying your first apartment

    You have been a tenant long enough and want to become an owner and live life to the fullest in an owner-occupied home. It is time to buy your first apartment. In seven easy-to-understand steps we examine how to go about purchasing your first condominium.

  10. Home buying: when is the right time to purchase real estate?

    The right time for buying a home

    Real estate prices fluctuate depending on factors such as the market situation, the economic framework conditions, or the location of the property. The financing hurdles for the acquisition of residential property are a recurring topic. How can you then find a good time to buy a home?