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  1. Applying for a mortgage: Combining your first and second mortgages

    Applying for a mortgage. How to combine your first and second mortgages.

    If you want to combine the advantages of various financing models, you can divide your mortgage into tranches. However, whether a second mortgage really makes sense depends on your personal situation and needs.

  2. Promotion of home ownership: Purchasing real estate with pension capital

    Obtaining sufficient equity capital for your dream home: An overview

    Don’t let equity capital be a roadblock to the dream of home ownership: Under the promotion of home ownership scheme, you can use funds from your retirement provision to contribute enough equity capital to secure financing for your property.

  3. Pillar 3a for residential property: Advance withdrawal and pledging

    For a home of your own: Use Pillar 3a for residential property

    Anyone in Switzerland who is lacking equity capital to purchase their own real estate can use Pillar 3a funds for residential property. Read this article to find out how this is possible and what you need to note for pledging and withdrawing Pillar 3a assets.

  4. pension-fund-to-buy-a-home-pledging-and-advance-withdrawals

    Using your pension fund assets to finance a home: Advance withdrawal and pledging

    In Switzerland, pension fund assets can be used to purchase a home. There are two ways of doing this: advance withdrawal and pledging. Learn about the differences and see the best option for your situation.

  5. Condominium association: Obligations of condominium owners

    Living in a condominium – purchase, roles, and obligations

    If you buy a condominium under commonhold ownership, you accept responsibility for part of a property. And become a member of the condominium association. Read what this means, why a well-stocked renovation fund is important, and what obligations you have as a condominium owner.

  6. Buying an old house: What to look out for in old properties

    Buying an old property – look out for these seven hidden costs 

    Affordable old buildings are highly sought after, but it is important to take a close look at older properties and not rush into signing a contract under time pressure. What you need to consider apart from location, price, and character when buying an old property – so you can turn an old house into your dream home.

  7. Buying a home – tips on buying your own home

    Buying a home – tips on buying your own home

    The dream of owning your own home is often overshadowed by concerns and misconceptions. This means it's important to gather extensive information in advance and give yourself plenty of time for planning and for the purchasing process itself. Find out what you need to look out for and when it may be worth talking to specialists.

  8. Financing your own home: The basic principles of financing your own home

    Financing your own home: The most important basic principles.

    Very few buyers are able to fully finance their own homes up front, so if you want to purchase a house or an apartment, you will usually need external financing in the form of a mortgage. The equity portion can be saved up, for example, or raised by pledging pension capital. We explain the most important basic principles on the subject of financing homeownership.

  9. construction loan construction financing for your dream home

    Use a construction loan to build your dream home

    Many people dream about building an owner-occupied home. However, before construction can begin, you have to answer the question of how to finance the construction. In most cases, the answer lies in a construction loan from a bank. Construction loans offer a high degree of flexibility and a clear overview of all costs for building a home on credit.

  10. Buying building land: Finding building parcels and purchasing a plot

    Buying building land. How to find the right parcel. 

    In the right place at the right time. This is essential if you want to buy building land. In our interview, Reiner Graf, a sales advisor with the Swiss general contractor Marty Häuser AG, explains how to find building parcels despite a lack of supply – and how builder-owners should proceed when buying a plot.