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  1. The first House run by the Ronald McDonald Kinderstiftung Schweiz is located in Geneva.

    "You have to be very sensitive to people's needs."

    Anita Huber (60) hosts families in unusually difficult situations. She runs the Ronald McDonald Houses in Geneva. They enable parents to live only a three-minute walk away from the university hospital while their children are undergoing treatment there. The House's manager takes care of administration and comforts the families in difficult moments.

  2. After the Philippines were hit by a devastating typhoon in 2013, the SRK helped with the rebuilding efforts.

    "You can't grieve over the fate of individuals"

    Thomas Büeler is an emergency relief logistics specialist with the Swiss Red Cross (SRK). He recalls the story of his deployment to the Philippines, which had been struck by a raging typhoon in November 2013. Büeler's task is to keep a cool head and create order out of chaos. That is because people affected by a disaster, according to the 41-year-old, expect help, not pity.

  3. Students in Dietlikon installing solar panels on the roof of their school

    Students hook solar power up to their school

    The energy transition is tangible at the secondary school is Dietlikon. With the help of the Myblueplanet climate protection movement, students built a solar power system and collected money for other environmental education projects. More and more schools are getting involved in the "Every Cell Counts" campaign.

  4. Young people in need can get help by calling emergency number 147

    "We try to do something constructive whenever someone reaches out to us."

    There are a number of reasons why children and young people might call Pro Juventute's emergency number 147. They might be having trouble with their parents, school, love, or suicidal thoughts. Helping others help themselves is paramount for Thomas Brunner, Head of Advice and Support.