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  1. Extra analytical tools for Swiss pension funds

    Extra analytical tools for Swiss pension funds

    The Credit Suisse Pension Fund Index gives Swiss pension funds a helpful analytical tool for comparison purposes. Extra features were added to the report last year.

  2. Fund management in the domicile tension area

    Fund management in the domicile tension area

    The final decision on the configuration of a fund depends on the investment policy, the client type, and possibly its own specifications. However, the domicile of the client also plays a relevant role when new funds are being launched.

  3. Redemption gates as a standard tool for managing fund liquidity

    Redemption gates as a standard tool for managing fund liquidity

    While gate provisions were previously used only selectively to collective investment schemes or funds with more illiquid investments, the trend is now moving toward using them in the case of liquid investments as well.

  4. Multi-Bank Reporting: Making investment decisions for asset management

    Get a handle on asset management with Multi Bank Reporting

    Volatile times are shaking up capital markets, making it harder for asset managers to maintain perspective. Find out how Multi-Bank Reporting helps professional investors to keep track of the big picture and continue making informed investment decisions despite the challenging situation.

  5. ESG investing: What does the offering of the future look like?

    The ESG offering of the future must be customizable

    Fund sponsors and portfolio managers have individual needs in the context of sustainable investments. Financial institutions that implement their clients' funds have to cover many different factors. How can they do this?

  6. Closely monitoring an investment portfolio in volatile markets

    Managing an investment portfolio successfully in times of crisis

    Managing investment portfolios is difficult in volatile markets and requires careful feedback on portfolio management. Innovative functions on investment analysis platforms are thus gaining in importance.

  7. Investment funds: Swing pricing for liquidity management

    Swing pricing in fund valuation. A modern shield from dilution.

    The question of how to protect investors from the dilution of their returns, which is caused by the transaction costs related to inbound and outbound capital, has always been a concern of the investment fund industry. How swing pricing can offer protection in volatile markets.

  8. L-QIF (Limited Qualified Investor Fund) für die Schweiz

    Why Switzerland needs an L-QIF

    The introduction of the limited qualified investor fund (L-QIF) will strengthen Switzerland's position as a fund center as well as create new opportunities for fund sponsors and investment managers.

  9. Asset Servicing: Digital banking is changing

    Digital banking is changing. An opportunity for institutional investors

    Innovative ideas relating to topics such as open banking and the platform economy are driving the advancement of digital banking. How institutional investors could benefit from this development in the future.

  10. Proxy Voting: mit Fondsanlagen von modernen Proxy-Voting-Leistungen profitieren

    Proxy voting – from posting votes to investment stewardship

    Proxy voting is becoming increasingly green. This opens up opportunities for asset managers, for example, to benefit from modern proxy voting services through fund investments and to engage beyond the actual investment. Asset Servicing's stewardship program provides support for this.