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  1. Compare taxes in Switzerland: Income and wealth taxes on natural persons

    Swiss canton and municipality tax rankings: Here’s how much natural persons pay

    As was the case last year, the Canton of Zug remains the most affordable canton for natural persons in Switzerland when it comes to taxes. This is revealed in the Tax Monitor Switzerland 2023 from Credit Suisse. The tax rankings show hardly any changes compared to last year. However, there are some differences if you take a closer look.

  2. Tipps zur Steuererklärung: einfach und effektiv Steuern sparen

    Save on taxes effectively. Use these tips to complete your tax return.

    Each year, Swiss taxpayers need to complete their tax returns. This can certainly become complicated depending on their personal background and financial situation. If you use these tax return tips to properly declare your income and assets, you can save on time and taxes.

  3. Change of domicile after retirement

    Moving house after retirement – things to consider

    The kids have moved out; the family home has become too big. As retirement approaches, many couples start to focus on moving to a smaller, age-appropriate home. If you'll be retiring soon, you should obtain detailed information about the financial consequences of moving your domicile to another canton.

  4. Company valuation: Calculating with the new capitalization rate

    Valuation of unlisted companies for tax purposes. Eight questions and answers.

    Over the past few years, tax administrations have valued unlisted companies based on largely constant factors. The Swiss Tax Conference (SSK) has drawn up new recommendations for the practice of calculating capitalized income value in order give better consideration to the changing market movements. We explain what you need to know.

  5. Expenditure-based tax: What you need to know as a foreign taxpayer

    Expenditure-based tax: What you need to know

    Expenditure-based taxation can be a highly convenient way for non-Swiss citizens to pay their tax bill. Learn what you need to know about this favored method of taxation.

  6. Swiss taxes: The Swiss tax system explained for newcomers

    Taxes in Switzerland: What you should know about the Swiss tax system when moving here

    Are you thinking about relocating to Switzerland? If so, it's a good idea to start familiarizing yourself with the Swiss tax system before you move. After all, your tax burden may vary based on your place of residence.

  7. Real estate holding: Properly holding real estate and optimizing taxes

    Holding real estate: Take advantage of optimization potential

    What is the most expedient form, from a tax perspective, for holding real estate? Private real estate investors often ask themselves this question. Find out which factors must be taken into account and how Credit Suisse supports you in this.

  8. Optimizing taxes by planning ahead

    Optimizing taxes. Reducing your tax burden with good planning.

    Distinctions among the cantons including major differences in tax burdens: It can be challenging to stay on top of taxes in Switzerland. So it's even more worthwhile to use comprehensive tax planning aimed at optimizing taxes.

  9. Employee participation: Things to consider for taxation

    Employee participation as compensation: Here are the tax implications.

    Employee participation is highly popular in Switzerland as a means of motivating, compensating, and retaining employees. Find out what alternatives exist aside from employee shares and how they are taxed.