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  1. Maximum amounts pillar 3a

    Pillar 3a – Maximum Amounts for 2019

    Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV) and employee benefits insurance (BVG) only cover 60 to 70 percent of the previous household income after retirement. Those who do not want to give up their accustomed standard of living in their old age should therefore contribute to Pillar 3a every year. 

  2. Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (AHV) contributions: employers, employees, self-employed people

    AHV contributions: How much do employers, employees, and self-employed people pay?

    For employees, the employer pays half of the AHV contributions. Self-employed people have to dig deeper into their pockets, since they have to pay the full contributions themselves. How high are the different salary deductions? 

  3. AHV contributions for people who are not part of the workforce

    AHV Contributions: How much do people who are not part of the workforce pay?

    Even people who are not part of the workforce have to pay AHV contributions from 1st January after reaching the age of 20 until they reach the normal retirement age. But how are the AHV contributions determined and who is not considered to be part of the workforce? We show how the AHV contributions are calculated for people who are not part of the workforce and what the minimum and maximum contributions are. A calculation example is provided below for illustrative purposes.

  4. Demographic Change Is Causing Issues for Retirement Pensions

    Demographic Change Is Causing Issues for Retirement Pensions

    Today, too many retirees need to be financed by too few actively employed workers. This means that the intergenerational contract and retirement provision must be adjusted to suit the conditions of modern society.

  5. Requesting a payout of pension fund assets

    Payout of pension fund assets. When and how is early withdrawal possible?

    Under certain circumstances, the money you have saved in your pension fund can be withdrawn early. Which requirements apply, and how should you go about requesting a withdrawal?

  6. What is the conversion rate?

    What is the conversion rate?

    The conversion rate is used to calculate the annual BVG pension from the available retirement capital. Anyone who wants to find out what pension is realistic after retirement must know three things about the 2nd pillar:
    1. The conversion rate for the mandatory portion of pension fund assets is currently 6.8%.
    2. However, most pension funds use a lower conversion rate in their calculations because they combine it with the rate for extra-mandatory insurance.
    3. Conversion rates will be lowered in the foreseeable future because they are too high at the moment.

  7. Retirement Provision – What Awaits Us?

    Retirement Provision – What Awaits Us?

    The baby boomer generation is retiring, and all of us are expected to live longer than our parents. These factors are a challenge for both state pension provision and employee benefits insurance. Now that voters have rejected the "Pensions 2020" reform package, the Federal Council is putting together a new package. What impact will this have on today's employees? Credit Suisse pension experts Rocco Baldinger and Markus Stierli give their assessment.

  8. The maximum AHV pension for married couples is 150% of the maximum pension for individuals.

    Maximum AHV Pension: That's What Counts

    What factors influence the amount of a person's AHV retirement pension, and how do they receive the maximum pension?

  9. antonio-gatti-and-reto-schlatter-discuss-the-challenges-of-the-swiss-pension-system

    “When It Comes to Pension Provision, We Can't Wait”

    After the "No" vote to AHV reform, dealing with this issue is everyone's responsibility, not just the government's. Uncertainty about one's own retirement provision is growing. But there are certainly opportunities. During their conversation, Antonio Gatti, Head of Wealth Planning at Credit Suisse in Zurich, and economic author Reto Schlatter explain what these are.

  10. Pillar 3a: reducing taxes

    How Big Are the Actual Tax Savings in Your Region Thanks to Pillar 3a?

    The amount you can save in taxes with a tied pension provision varies from region to region. In their new study on private retirement provision, Credit Suisse's economists detail the regional differences of the various tax burdens.