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  1. Partial retirement: Key facts on staggered retirement

    Leave the world of work step-by-step with partial retirement. 

    Partial retirement enables people to gradually reduce their level of employment, where permitted by the regulations of their pension fund and made possible by their employer. We look at the key points that need to be considered, and at why detailed planning is important if you intend to stagger your retirement. 

  2. Early retirement: Planning for early retirement

    Early retirement: Can I afford to retire early? 

    Many people nurture the desire to retire early. However, the financial shortfall associated with early retirement needs to be clarified beforehand. Only if you plan ahead and are aware of your likely pension from the AHV and pension fund will you know whether early retirement is possible.  

  3. Normal retirement: How to take your retirement

    Taking normal retirement. What you need to do.

    You have reached normal retirement age and want to start your well-earned retirement. Find out what steps you need to take for normal retirement, and what points you need to bear in mind.

  4. Pension or lump sum: An important decision on retirement

    Drawing pension fund benefits as a pension or as a lump sum? That is the question.

    Pension fund assets are often the most significant assets that Swiss people have. Before retirement, people face the important choice of whether to draw their benefits as a pension or as a lump sum. What are the practical implications of a lump-sum withdrawal from the pension fund, and why is an individual solution always best?

  5. AHV 21: These are the most important changes

    AHV 21 reform: The most important changes compared with today

    The Federal Council wants to safeguard the first pillar (AHV/Old Age and Survivors' Insurance) until 2030 by means of the AHV 21 reform. To do so, it is meeting the needs of insured by allowing greater flexibility in the retirement age. In addition, the Federal Council is providing incentives to continue working for longer. The reform will be financed by bringing the retirement age for women into line with that of men and increasing value added tax.

  6. Planning your retirement with the compact planning tool for retirement

    Retirement planning. Start your retirement with financial security. 

    By planning your retirement early, you can save money and start your retirement securely with well thought-out budget planning. Our planning tool shows you at a glance how your financial needs change and what you need to consider when planning for the post-retirement period. 

  7. Lump sum or annuity? The right strategy for withdrawing pension fund assets 

    Pension fund assets often represent the largest part of a person's assets at the end of their working life. It is therefore important to consider whether to withdraw them at retirement as a lump sum or in the form of a pension. We look at the importance of the conversion rate and region. 

  8. Requesting a payout of pension fund assets

    Payout of pension fund assets. When and how is early withdrawal possible?

    Under certain circumstances, the money you have saved in your pension fund can be withdrawn early. Which requirements apply, and how should you go about requesting a withdrawal?

  9. retirement, early pension withdrawal, pension deferral, early retirement, partial retirement, pension gap, coordination deduction

    Planning Retirement: The Eight Most Important Terms

    Whether it's early pension withdrawal or pension deferral, early retirement or partial retirement, pension gap or coordination deduction: If you familiarize yourself with the most important terms for retirement, you'll be better prepared for it – even financially.

  10. Moving House after Retirement

    Moving House after Retirement – Things to Consider

    The kids have moved out, the family home has become too big. Upon retirement, many couples wish to move into a smaller home better suited to their advancing years. Prospective retirees should carefully inform themselves about the financial consequences they may experience when moving to another canton.