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  1. Lump sum or annuity? The right strategy for withdrawing pension fund assets 

    Pension fund assets often represent the largest part of a person's assets at the end of their working life. It is therefore important to consider whether to withdraw them at retirement as a lump sum or in the form of a pension. We look at the importance of the conversion rate and region. 

  2. Requesting a payout of pension fund assets

    Payout of pension fund assets. When and how is early withdrawal possible?

    Under certain circumstances, the money you have saved in your pension fund can be withdrawn early. Which requirements apply, and how should you go about requesting a withdrawal?

  3. retirement, early pension withdrawal, pension deferral, early retirement, partial retirement, pension gap, coordination deduction

    Planning Retirement: The Eight Most Important Terms

    Whether it's early pension withdrawal or pension deferral, early retirement or partial retirement, pension gap or coordination deduction: If you familiarize yourself with the most important terms for retirement, you'll be better prepared for it – even financially.

  4. Moving House after Retirement

    Moving House after Retirement – Things to Consider

    The kids have moved out, the family home has become too big. Upon retirement, many couples wish to move into a smaller home better suited to their advancing years. Prospective retirees should carefully inform themselves about the financial consequences they may experience when moving to another canton.

  5. Budget planning for retirement. A checklist helps.

    Budget Planning for Retirement: A Checklist Helps 

    What income and expenses can I expect during retirement? Will I have enough money for the desired standard of living? And how can assets be expected to develop? The checklist for budget planning offers clarity for the period after you retire. 

  6. How Important Is the Second Pillar to Your Financial Situation in Later Years?

    An analysis by Credit Suisse economists shows that the proportion of the Swiss population covered by employee benefits insurance has risen from generation to generation. Even so, only for the higher-income brackets – including for the younger generation of retirees – is the second pillar a key component of income.

  7. Demographic Change Is Causing Issues for Retirement Pensions

    Demographic Change Is Causing Issues for Retirement Pensions

    Today, too many retirees need to be financed by too few actively employed workers. This means that the intergenerational contract and retirement provision must be adjusted to suit the conditions of modern society.

  8. "Pension or lump sum?" video

    "Pension or Lump Sum?" Video

    When it comes to retirement, almost every employee must decide whether to withdraw the saved pension fund assets as a pension or as a lump sum.

  9. Pension savings with tax benefits at AHV retirement age

    Can Pension Recipients Who Work Part-Time Make Pension Provisions with Tax Benefits?

    Men up to age 70 and women up to age 69 can pay into the pillar 3a fund with tax benefits if they work part-time or full-time after retirement age. The same is possible with the pension fund, depending on the rules and the amount of gross income from employment.

  10. Early retirement with partial retirement solutions from the pension fund

    Partial Retirement at 62: What Are the Important Things to Note?

    Partial retirement is possible, depending on the pension fund. It's important to choose the right time to draw your pension, plan each sub-stage, and consider the consequences under pension and tax laws.