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  1. Interview with Désirée von Michaelis on the topic of retirement

    "For every year of early retirement, you need 18 months of your annual salary."

    In Switzerland, awareness of the importance of private pension provision is visibly growing. This is an important trend, says Désirée von Michaelis, Head of Wealth Planning at Credit Suisse in an interview. What to take into consideration when planning your retirement – for example, for early retirement. Five tips from Credit Suisse for successful retirement.

  2. Voluntary pension provision buy into pension fund or pillar 3a

    Voluntary pension contributions: Should you pay into the second pillar or Pillar 3a? 

    Those who want to ensure financial security in retirement can take advantage of two voluntary provision options with tax benefits: buying into a pension fund or paying into Pillar 3a. The pros and cons of each option to enable you to make the right decision in your own situation. 

  3. Closing pension gaps. Swiss pension system

    Identifying, avoiding, and closing pension gaps early on

    If a pension is not large enough to cover a person's normal expenses, this is known as a pension gap. What are the potential causes of such a gap and what options does the Swiss pension system provide for avoiding or closing them at an early stage?

  4. Pillar 3a maximum amount 2024: Planning your contributions

    Maximum Pillar 3a amount in 2024

    The maximum Pillar 3a amounts for 2024 remain the same as last year – plan your deposits for next year now.

  5. Retirement provision in Switzerland: What's the situation with the pension system?

    Retirement provision in Switzerland. The essentials at a glance.

    What will retirement provision in Switzerland look like in the future? And how can you prevent gaps in your pension provision? Read about the latest developments regarding AHV, pension funds, and the third pillar and how gainfully employed persons can best save for old age.

  6. Pillar 3a: Save on tax

    How Big Are the Actual Tax Savings in Your Region Thanks to Pillar 3a?

    Paying in to Pillar 3a allows you to reduce your tax bill – but how much can you actually save? The extent to which you can benefit from the third pillar depends largely on where you live, as the amount saved varies from region to region. 

  7. Life Plan advice for everything that matters in life

    Having a good plan. At every stage of life.

    Working part time, getting a divorce, or traveling the world? And, most importantly, wanting to be financially comfortable in your old age? Life is not just about personal decisions, but financial ones too. Personalized financial advice helps you to keep your own goals in sight. This is precisely what Life Plan advice offers. Desirée von Michaelis, Head of Wealth Planning, and Andreas Liechti, Head of Business Development, reveal more.

  8. Pension provision in the event of divorce: protecting both partners

    Pension provision in the event of divorce. Maintaining financial independence.

    Considering the consequences of divorce before getting married? It's unthinkable for many couples. Yet as unromantic as it sounds, it makes sense to think about financial matters early on. That is because divorce can mean losses, particularly when it comes to pension provision. That is why it is so important to address the issue early on to ensure the financial independence and security of both partners, even in the worst-case scenario.

  9. Rocco Baldinger, Credit Suisse: Opening several Pillar 3a accounts can have tax benefits.

    Open several Pillar 3a accounts and possibly save taxes as a result

    People who pay their pension capital into multiple Pillar 3a accounts can save taxes in many cantons because the capital can then be withdrawn gradually over several years. We reveal how many accounts it's worth having and over what period you can withdraw your Pillar 3a capital.

  10. Retirement provision for women – special characteristics and challenges

    Retirement provision for women – special characteristics and challenges

    Retirement provision becomes more difficult for women if gainful employment is interrupted for maternity reasons or reduced through part-time working. In such situations, gaps arise in their retirement savings. For this reason, women should engage with the topic of retirement provision in detail.