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  1. Conversion rate

    What is a conversion rate? Find the definition here.

  2. Splitting

    What is splitting? Find the explanation here.

  3. Pay-as-you-go system

    What is the pay-as-you-go system? The explanation can be found in the glossary.

  4. Saving with securities

    What is saving with securities? The definition can be found here.

  5. BVG

    What is the BVG? Find it explained here.

  6. 3rd pillar

    What is the 3rd pillar? We reveal everything you need to know.

  7. The pension fund

    What is a pension fund? Find the definition in the following section.

  8. Saving with Pillar 3a

    What is saving with Pillar 3a? Read the explanation in the following section.

  9. Pension gap

    What is a pension gap? Find the definition in the following section.