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  1. China’s New Retails: Seamless Platforms, Distinct Consumer Behavior

    China’s New Retails

    In retail trade, China is becoming the front-runner in innovative technologies, new sales channels and changing consumer behavior. No fewer than 20% of all retail purchases are already made online. Growth is driven by the generation of Chinese born after 1990, who demonstrate an above-average willingness to spend.

  2. Index of the future

    Index of the Future

    At present, the main equity indices do not provide an adequate reflection of China’s economic standing in the world. This is largely because, in the past, foreign investors could only gain access to the market for Chinese domestic stocks, or A-shares, subject to major restrictions. 

  3. Chinese for Savvy Investors

    There is no alternative in the long run to investing in China’s equity market. Ample opportunities for globally oriented investors are there for the taking. All the same, a mindful eye should be kept on the risks.

  4. China: a new universe for your investments

    China: a new universe for your investments

    A Credit Suisse Asset Management fund launched just a few months ago offers investors access to the Chinese bond market, the world’s third largest. The fast growing market is increasingly opening up to foreign investors.

  5. Discover London Chinese Real Estate Investors Are Reshaping Their Preferences

    Discover London. Chinese Real Estate Investors Are Reshaping Their Preferences

    Real estate has become an increasingly important part of the asset allocation of both (U)HNWI and international investors over the past decade. While cross-border capital in real estate markets has historically been predominantly of US and European origin, this pattern has shifted since the Great Financial Crisis.

  6. How China Is on Its Way to the Top of the World

    How China Is on Its Way to the Top of the World

    After the US, China is already the world’s second biggest economy. China’s gross domestic product (GDP) climbed by 6.9% in 2017. Above-average growth is also forecast for the coming years thanks to more research, more innovation, and greater efficiency.

  7. Subdued growth, low inflation and moderate returns could be expected for 2016. A high degree of diversification with an active tactical approach would be deployed against periods of volatility says Credit Suisse Private Banking

    Credit Suisse Private Banking expects the global outlook for 2016 to be better than 2015 led by the Eurozone and Japan while many emerging countries are likely to stabilize albeit at low levels. The US could slow down due to constraints set in place by several macro factors whilst Australia and Canada would be sub-par due to lower commodity prices. The UK is likely to remain fairly robust as real wages rise against a tighter monetary policy backdrop. China should avert a hard landing scenario on the back of further policy easing, moderate fiscal expansion with some infrastructure activity along with sustained consumption spending and services whilst the property sector has seen significant inventory depletion.

  8. Credit Suisse's China Investment Banking Joint Venture Receives approval to provide brokerage services

    Credit Suisse announced today that its securities joint venture in China has received approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to provide securities brokerage services in Shenzhen Qianhai.

  9. The Young China generation will shape China’s future consumption and development of industries, says Credit Suisse

    The Young China generation – born between 1985 and 1995 under China’s One-Child Policy – is expected to contribute 35% to China's total consumption in 2020, more than double the 15% contributed in 2014, according to Credit Suisse analysts presenting at the 6th Annual China Investment Conference (CIC). This year’s CIC sees the strongest corporate and investor line up to date, with nearly 170 corporates presenting at the conference, representing a total market capitalization of over USD2.4 trillion. Some 900 investors from 14 countries attending the conference will take part in over 3,600 client meetings scheduled to take place during this three-day conference, commencing today in Shanghai. The strong attendance underscores foreign investors’ growing interest in the China market.