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  1. Nordic tailwinds

    Investments in energy infrastructure promise stable long-term cash flows while contributing to a sustained transformation of the energy system. Wind farms with long-term power purchase agreements are a good example. Institutional investors can hold stakes in facilities such as these.

  2. Putting a message behind the picture

    With humanity facing urgent environmental and social challenges, Yann Arthus-Bertrand employs the power of photography to foster change. His GoodPlanet foundation promotes ecology and solidarity while engaging in projects to boost sustainability efforts worldwide. In an interview with Scope, he explains the role that both individuals and companies have to play in safeguarding the planet for future generations.

  3. Convertible bonds – the best of both worlds

    In this entry in our series of interviews on current topics, Senior Portfolio Manager Lukas Buxtorf talks about convertible bonds, an asset class that combines features of both bonds and equities and thus occupies a unique position in the investment landscape. 

  4. Dynamic logistics market

    The global logistics markets are seeing steady growth, which will continue thanks to e-commerce. The demand for sufficient storage capacity at transshipment hubs with good transport links is correspondingly high. 

  5. A-CAP and AmeriLife launch New Fixed Indexed Annuity linked to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index

    A-CAP and AmeriLife today announced the launch of the Accumulation Protector PlusSM ("APP") Annuity, a 10-year fixed indexed annuity. The APP Annuity is the latest addition to the industry-leading product lines of A-CAP's two insurance subsidiaries, Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company and Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company. The APP Annuity is distinct in the industry, and gives contract holders exclusive access to the Credit Suisse Momentum Index (Bloomberg: CSEAMTM5 index), as well as a unique 10-year guarantee of participation rates through the index.

  6. Residential properties are a popular asset class

    Thanks to changing lifestyles and housing needs, and by taking into account forward-looking approaches such as upgrading, densification, or new forms of housing, this segment offers a great deal of potential. As the oldest Swiss real estate fund and Switzerland’s largest fund for residential properties, Credit Suisse Real Estate Fund Siat, participates in these developments.

  7. Our approach to ESG

    The Credit Suisse ESG framework assumes an active approach to ownership that delivers impactful change and promotes sustainability in our investee companies. Through proxy voting and engagement, we put our values into action, providing leadership in environmental, social and governance issues.

  8. Sharing in real estate market gains through funds

    Real estate offers a number of advantages. However, the market is not without its obstacles for investors. These can be elegantly circumvented using real estate funds.

  9. COVID-19 and investment-grade emerging-market bonds

    In our latest interview, Senior Portfolio Manager Andreas Fischer explains how investment-grade emerging-market bonds have been affected by the crisis and describes the investment opportunities presented by the current situation.

  10. Shortage of student accommodations offers potential for investors

    In Switzerland, only one in ten students finds accommodation on campus or in a residence hall. Global Real Estate of Credit Suisse Asset Management recognized this potential as long as ten years ago.