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  1. Klybeck: From an industrial park to a new residential neighborhood.

    In the northern part of Basel, a new neighborhood is being built in the Klybeck industrial zone. A consortium of real estate specialists, including Credit Suisse Asset Management's Global Real Estate unit, is combining forces to develop the largest former industrial site in Switzerland. It is an innovative model for major projects of this kind in the future.

  2. ETFs and index funds: What investors should know

    Indexed investments have grown in popularity. While attention in the last few years had mainly concentrated on exchange-traded funds (ETFs), the focus has recently shifted to include index funds as well. Both product classes are transparent, cost-efficient investment options, yet they differ from one another and have their own specific advantages.

  3. Edutainment. An example of Education Technology in China.

    EdTech: solving the bottlenecks in the Chinese education system.

  4. "A little more of the entrepreneur. A little less of the engineer."

    Disruptive ideas and radical technological advances are shaping our markets – and our lives – ever more powerfully and in ever expanding ways. Entrepreneurial thinking and courageous steps toward action are becoming a matter of survival.

  5. The sustainability approach of Global Real Estate

    Global Real Estate's objective is to generate sustainable financial, environmental, and social returns. Credit Suisse Asset Management focuses on three core initiatives in the real estate sector.

  6. Reinsurance market renewals, Recap of January 1, 2020

    Reinsurance market renewals

    The January 1 renewal cycle is important for investor returns as more than half of all reinsurance contracts are renewed in this time frame.

  7. The best attributes of bonds and funds combined

    In a world of record-low interest rates and slowing economic growth, fixed-maturity bond funds remain an attractive proposition for investors looking to combine a yield pickup and a relatively predictable, regular stream of income.

  8. Credit Suisse Asset Management's NEXT Investors Announces Acquisition of NorthPoint Technology from ACA Compliance Group

    Credit Suisse Asset Management's NEXT Investors, a leading Fintech growth equity group, announced today the acquisition of the NorthPoint product suite and technology consulting practice from ACA Compliance Group (ACA), a leading global provider of governance, risk, and compliance advisory services and technology solutions.

  9. Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation: tailwind for startups and innovative SMEs

    Relatively new businesses often have trouble raising capital in an advanced growth phase. A new kind of financing aims to help.

  10. Fake food The business of fraudulent labeling

    Fake food: The business of fraudulent labeling

    "Grub first, then ethics", wrote Bertolt Brecht in 1928 in his famous Threepenny Opera. This quote is also perfectly applicable to the fraudulent labeling of food.