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  1. header image showing man looking at laptop in a data center

    5G: A secure technology?

    Around two thirds of the world’s population, or roughly 5 billion people, are mobile subscriber and use the third generation (3G) or the fourth-generation (4G) wireless networks1. It enables the consumer to capture the full potential of smartphones and other smart devices. Nowadays the next generation (5G) is attracting a lot of public interests.

  2. In Cloud We Trust

    The adoption and utilization of cloud technology is rapidly changing the IT landscape. We think this technology provides the democratization of immense computing power to everybody because it gives every user the same access to powerful computing without having to set up costly data centers.

  3. Hardware hacking and its consequences

    Hardware hacking and its consequences

    As we observe the growth in global data traffic, driven by entertainment content and corporate data, a notable (and previously almost non-existent) part of the new “datasphere” is emerging. 

  4. Data protection: A growing need

    Data protection: A growing need

    On 25th May 2018 a new set of rules, the General Data Protection Regulations, or “GDPR”, was put into effect in the European Union.

  5. How can Blockchain improve the IT security ecosystem?

    How can Blockchain improve the IT security ecosystem?

    As the world becomes increasingly digitized and we move banking, shopping, media, communication and so many other aspects of daily life online, the associated risks of breaches and manipulation are also reaching record highs.

  6. Transportation – an Exciting Investment Opportunity Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

    Robotics, Security and Safety:
    Are you too small for Robotics?

    As the they become advanced, robots are becoming cheaper, safer and easier to work with, which will boost market size and increase the penetration of the technology. Robotics is set to become one of the great investment trends of the coming decade.

  7. Is lab automation part of the solution to save lives?

    Is lab automation part of the solution to save lives?

    We expect that increasing automation of laboratories in the health care sector has the potential to not only reduce costs and improve efficiencies, but also result in improved patient health and longevity. This article focuses on the subject of lab automation, which we believe is just one of the ways technology is starting to revolutionize the health care sector and improve the “safety” of the world population.

  8. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence: Do Investments into the Latest Crusaders against Cybercrime Pay off?

    Cybercrime is on the rise, and the rapid digitization will drastically drive up cost of data breaches. Firms are looking for new software and systems to protect them. The “cyber crusader” companies that are creating these solutions are some of the brightest new stars in the AI firmament. 

  9. Robotics, Security & Safety

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