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  1. US stocks: The bull market continues

    US stock markets are on the rise. What lies behind it?

    The rally on US stock markets seems unstoppable. There's nothing unusual about that, however – at least from a historical point of view. In addition, the US has unique locational advantages – its economic strength, innovative capacity, risk culture, and also geopolitics. Read the article to find out why the US bull market is likely to continue, and what investors should bear in mind.

  2. Swiss economy in 2024: 12 reasons to be confident

    Let the good times roll – 12 reasons to be confident

    Many optimistic assessments from the beginning of last year were proven to be well founded in 2023. Yet what were deemed by some to be controversial views at the time have become the market consensus, as is often the case. Inflation is falling, the economy is flourishing and cash flows are higher than ever. For the coming year there are an additional dozen reasons to be confident.

  3. Risk capital: Catalyst for innovation

    The force of the better idea: A driver of the economy

    In turbulent times, it is worth looking at what really drives society and the economy forward in the long term: the force of disruptive innovation, in other words the force of the better idea. With risk capital behind it, this force can bring about new developments, thus driving progress. Read how innovation creates economic resilience and what opportunities thematic investments offer for next year and beyond.

  4. The stock market in 2023: a review for investors

    The stock market in 2023 – a review for investors

    Many thanksgiving festivities for a bountiful harvest traditionally take place in autumn. Investors also have a lot to celebrate this year, with the stock markets yielding a better harvest than in 2022. Understanding the mechanisms of bull markets can help us to gauge how equities are faring this year. Read on to find out what this all means and which investment themes are still important.

  5. Economic trends: Insights for investors

    Our own Roaring Twenties. What's exciting investors.

    Investors are currently excited by the economic developments occurring globally. This is because the current decade has been characterized by technological advances that are also leaving their mark on the stock exchange. The mood is generally positive.

  6. Investing in September 2023: Equity weighting neutral

    Investing in September 2023: Our views in brief

    Credit Suisse gives its perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and looks at the implications for investors. The Investment Committee is closing out its underweighting in equities given that the risks to the equity market have declined – driven by the likelihood of a soft landing for the US economy. Find out more in the article.

  7. Investment portfolio: Private equity and hedge funds

    Private equity and hedge funds for the sake of your portfolio’s stability

    2022 proved to be an extraordinary year on the capital markets – but the current year is definitely keeping up in terms of surprises. Turbulence in the banking sector in March, for example, caused a slump in equity markets. This was followed by a rapid recovery over subsequent months, but the upside potential for equities remains limited. Apart from bonds, which asset classes can currently offer added value for investment portfolios? Read on for a closer look at private equity and hedge funds.

  8. Financial markets: Economic outlook for the second half of 2023

    A closer look at financial markets. Key questions answered.

    The financial markets can look back on a robust first half of 2023 – despite all expectations to the contrary. Inflation has slowed significantly, especially in the US. Find out what lies ahead for investors in the second half of the year.

  9. Swiss market: Questions and answers

    Investing in the Swiss market. Ten questions and answers for investors.

    Investors look for new answers every year. But the questions often remain the same: What will the next year bring for my investments? What do rising interest rates mean for the Swiss economy? Questions about the big picture in particular should be asked regularly and with discipline. Read the article to find out what they are and what the answers look like.

  10. Investing in August 2023: Our views in brief

    Investing in August 2023: Our views in brief

    Credit Suisse gives its perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and looks at the implications for investors. With the risk of recession rising and inflation falling, it is a good time to invest in bonds. Credit Suisse is therefore increasingly opting for government bonds and stable corporate bonds. Commodities prices are also expected to rise in the current environment. Why is that, and what does it mean for investors?