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  1. Mortgage expert Martine Gabathuler talks about what separation means for an owner-occupied home.

    "Couples should plan in advance what to do with their house in case they separate."

    Around 40% of all marriages in Switzerland end in divorce. Shared residential property makes a separation even more complicated. In this interview, Martine Gabathuler, Head of the Mortgage Center for Region Suisse Romande at Credit Suisse, talks about the consequences of divorce on a mortgage and what happens to an owner-occupied home following a separation.

  2. Calculate imputed rental value: These factors are taken into account

    Imputed rental value: What you need to know

    Many owners of single-family dwellings and owner-occupied apartments object to imputed rental value for residential property. But what is imputed rental value exactly, and how is it calculated? The current system has by no means the same financial impact on every homeowner.

  3. Real estate valuation – calculating the market value

    How real estate is valued

    Knowledge of how real estate is valued is indispensable, especially if you are buying or selling a property. A valuation may also be relevant when renewing your mortgage. However, numerous questions may arise in this regard. Read here about how real estate is valued.

  4. Taking specific steps to defuse a neighborhood conflict

    Resolving neighborhood disputes. The right way to deal with conflict. 

    Regardless of whether the people next-door are throwing a loud party or causing other nuisances, conflicts between neighbors cannot always be avoided despite what the neighbor law provisions say. Yet, those who proceed with the goal of resolving the conflict can reach an acceptable compromise in nearly every neighborhood dispute. 

  5. Selling a house: Advertising an apartment and selling a property

    Selling your home: Tips on advertising and viewings

    Do you want to sell your apartment or house? For many owners, selling a property is uncharted territory. These tips and tricks will help you to advertise your house or apartment successfully and organize a successful viewing.

  6. Bidding process: Sell real estate and achieve the highest prices

    Selling a house with a bidding process. Here's how it works.

    If you plan to sell your house, you are familiar with this dilemma: If the price is low, you can quickly get your real estate off the market. However, you still worry that you sold it below its value. However, if the advertised price is high, no one may be interested. A bidding process may be the solution.

  7. The real estate market in central Switzerland: Property prices are still rising

    Focus on central Switzerland: News and views from the real estate market

    Central Switzerland has a lot to offer. Its proximity to Zurich, attractive lakeside locations, and low taxes make the region a popular place to live. The Credit Suisse regional study provides insight into the property scene in central Switzerland.

  8. Prefabricated houses: The pros and cons of buying and building a prefabricated house

    Living the dream: What the prefabricated house offers

    The prefabricated house is a sought-after alternative to traditional solid structure homes in Switzerland. Faster and more cost-effective to build, each new home is ready for occupation within a few months. However, there are also disadvantages. 

  9. ticino real estate market falling rent prices in the southern canton

    Oversupply causing discomfort on the Ticino housing market

    The development of the Ticino real estate market is cause for concern. The vacancy rate reached a new high in 2019, rental prices are falling, and there is no turning point in sight. However, real estate prices for residential property on the Ticino housing market have stabilized.

  10. Energy-efficient construction: How to make your home more energy efficient

    Energy-efficient construction. These are your options.

    Energy-efficient construction or energy-efficient renovations protect the environment and save money in the long term. We will show you the options that solar power, heat pumps, and pellet heating offer, and how building insulation improves energy efficiency.