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  1. Spatial Planning Act: Resisting urban sprawl on building land in Switzerland

    Building density instead of urban sprawl: The new framework for spatial planning.

    The implementation period for the revised Spatial Planning Act in the cantons comes to a close at the start of May. The act is intended to halt urban sprawl and promote building density. This will have consequences for future land-use designation in Switzerland.

  2. Building permit: The building permit process could become more efficient

    The planning application process could be shorter. Other countries lead the way.

    If you are thinking of building a property in Switzerland, you will need to factor in a lot of time. It can take several months from submitting the planning application to obtaining the building permit. Digitalization could accelerate the complex building permit process through greater efficiency.

  3. Floor plans: What a good property floor plan looks like

    Flexible, well connected, bright. Good floor plans.

    Floor plans play a key role in the search for an apartment or house. Analysis tools can distinguish between good and bad floor plans. Find out what factors have an effect on floor plan quality and how to recognize a good floor plan.

  4. Financing your own home: Buyers of single-family dwellings are willing to commute further

    Homeowners accept longer commuting distances

    Today, young households, families, and senior citizens can barely afford to buy a home in the urban centers. To afford a home of their own, they are fanning out to more reasonably priced regions and accepting a longer commute.

  5. Real estate prices are still rising according to real estate study.

    Real estate prices are on the rise. Despite higher vacancy rates.

    Vacancies have gone up again in residential properties. That was one finding of the 2019 real estate study by Credit Suisse. Despite this, real estate prices are still rising. Here's what's behind this development.

  6. Real estate gains tax: Taxes are due when selling a house

    Capital gains when selling a house? This tax must be paid.

    If you sell real estate or a site at a profit, you must pay a real estate gains tax. Its amount is regulated in the tax law of the respective canton. Find out why the period of ownership also determines how much tax you must pay when selling a house.

  7. Insure your house: buildings insurance and other types of home insurance

    Protect your house. How to ensure you're well covered.

    When you buy or build your dream home, you want to protect it. There are various ways of insuring a house. Find out which types of home insurance are required and what other types of insurance might be sensible.

  8. Property taxes: How to correctly pay your property taxes

    Paying property taxes right: How you can save on taxes

    Every owner has to pay taxes on their property. If you plan ahead, there are various tax deductions for owner-occupied homes. Find out what taxes are placed on properties and how you as a home owner can save money on taxes. 

  9. Debt-in-Switzerland-is-high-due-to-mortgage-debt

    Debt not increasing as fast as before

    Switzerland has one of the world's highest debt ratios for private households, and the figure is continuously increasing. Find out why high mortgage debt is problematic for a country, and where the trend is likely to go in the next few years.

  10. Buying-a-home-how-couples-decide-which-home-to-buy

    How Women and Men Differ When Buying a Home

    Nearly three-quarters of all people buying a property are couples with or without children. But who decides which house is purchased? Are there any gender-specific differences? Credit Suisse conducted a survey of real estate agents and financing specialists.