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  1. How crises create value. The creative potential of the COVID-19 crisis.

    Economic crises cause sharp drops in economic performance, but over the long term they also offer a great deal of creative potential, leading to innovation and new solutions. The COVID-19 crisis, too, is creating new value in a number of different areas. As a result, many places are seeing an unprecedented economic recovery.

  2. Sustainable investments and three myths about them

    Seizing long-term opportunities. Three myths about sustainable investments debunked.

    The issue of sustainability is omnipresent – not least of all on financial markets. Sustainable investments have long become established, and companies that align themselves with ESG standards show above-average performance in many cases. That means it is high time to expose several myths.

  3. Global infrastructure expansion creates investment opportunities

    Global infrastructure expansion opens up exciting investment opportunities.

    To help revive the economy, governments the world over are putting in place vast stimulus packages with a focus on investment in infrastructure. This dynamic move creates interesting opportunities for investment, with the potential to bring long-term benefits for investors over the next few decades.

  4. Inflation: What factors can lead to price increases?

    Low inflation despite monetary easing. A look at the main factors and expectations.

    Monetary easing and stimulus measures have recently helped the economy recover, but a great deal of uncertainty remains about inflation trends. What are the decisive factors? Read about some investments that could offer inflation protection.

  5. Help reduce greenhouse gases. With sustainable funds.

    Increasing demand for sustainable funds can be explained not least by the growing awareness of ESG criteria. By investing in sustainable funds from the construction sector, for example, investors can help companies develop new technologies and therefore have a lasting impact on the reduction in global greenhouse gases.

  6. Global economy: Economic development after COVID-19

    Global economy after COVID-19. The impact on the global markets.

    In which direction will the global economy go after the COVID-19 shock? And which trends will shape economic development on the global markets after the pandemic? Read the analyses of Credit Suisse's financial experts in our Outlook.

  7. Investment Outlook: Equities an attractive prospect in 2021

    Investment Outlook: Good prospects for equity investments in 2021

    The pandemic will have far-reaching consequences for the economy. Financial markets and economic structures are already changing as a result, but this disruption has its advantages too. Equities, for one, are likely to remain appealing in 2021. Read the analysis of Credit Suisse's experts in the Investment Outlook 2021.

  8. Generate returns in the low interest-rate environment with a good investment strategy

    Investment strategy: Generate attractive returns in the low interest-rate environment.

    The US Federal Reserve (Fed) has announced that interest rates will remain close to zero for years to come. In the latest Investment Outlook, Credit Suisse investment experts analyze what this means for the development of returns and investment strategies.

  9. Alternative investments: Achieve a more stable portfolio

    Achieve greater portfolio stability. With alternative investments. 

    Alternative investments are a good way to round off a portfolio and spread your risks. How alternative forms of investment differ from other options and why they are an exciting way to invest.

  10. Equity markets: How investors should handle their money

    Equity markets improving after the recession

    The stock rally continues and the recession is being followed by a global recovery, which means exciting opportunities for investors. Many people are still hesitant to invest. However, this may be the perfect time to take part in the equity market.