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  1. A revision to the law of succession: a new succession law for Switzerland

    A revision to the law of succession: increased self-determination regarding your estate

    The anticipated revision to the Swiss law of succession promises increased self-determination regarding your estate. The current law of succession came into force around 100 years ago and is no longer fit for purpose. We explore the legislative changes planned by the federal government.

  2. The compulsory portion protects heirs

    The compulsory portion under Swiss succession law

    The compulsory portion ensures that a share of the estate cannot be revoked from certain heirs. Under Swiss succession law, the descendants (children, grandchildren), spouses, and parents are entitled to this protection. It can only be validly renounced by means of an inheritance contract.

  3. No sample will

    Why You Should Never Use a Sample Will

    These days, you can find sample forms for everything, even wills. However, these generally assume a simple starting point that does not reflect the situation of many testators. What's more, wills are just part of the estate planning process. Pension entitlements and insurance benefits, along with lifetime endowments and – for married couples – marital property law should be part of the planning.

  4. Inheritances for single people

    Inheritances without Heirs: What Single People Need to Know

    What happens if an unmarried person dies without having made inheritance arrangements? It was a situation Sonja Keller had to face when her partner died. Left on her own, she took the initiative and realized how much freedom she had for inheritance planning.

  5. Last will – 12 tips

    How to Write a Will. The 12 Most Important Tips.

    Does a will have to be handwritten? Can I disinherit my children? How do I ensure that my wife can continue to live in our house after my death?

  6. Immobilien erben

    Sample Calculation: Inheriting a Property

    Manuela would like to take on an apartment that she inherited together with her siblings. How can she finance the apartment and buy out her brothers? 

  7. Terms Inheritance

    Eight Terms That You Should Know to Do with Inheritance

    Swiss inheritance law covers all the different constellations and situations that can arise in inheritance cases. The topic is correspondingly complex. Anyone wanting to know about the subject in detail must be familiar with and understand some legal terminology. The most important terms are explained below. 

  8. Inheritance Planning – Better Not Wait until Later

    This video explains the statutory regulation of Swiss marital property and inheritance law simply and easily. And why a last will or inheritance contract can be important, and for couples, a marriage contract.

  9. Passing your company on to your child while protecting capital

    How Can I Pass My Company on to My Child While Protecting Capital?

    If you want to pass your company on to a child while protecting capital, you should not risk the company value, pose a disadvantage to your other children under inheritance laws, or endanger your retirement provisions. Therefore, merely giving the company away is not a suitable option.

  10. Pillar 3a legacy and beneficiaries in the event of death pursuant to the law of succession and devolution of an estate

    What Happens to the Third-Pillar Funds When the Possessor Dies?

    The inheritance of your third-pillar funds is largely governed by the law of succession and the order of beneficiaries. The beneficiary in the event of death would be a spouse, partner, descendant, parent, or sibling.