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  1. Testament and Disposal of Estate.

    What Must Everyone Consider in Their Estate Planning?

    Estate planning is a matter that is factual and rational, whilst being emotional at the same time. Many factors play a role. It is worthwhile analyzing one’s own situation on a regular basis and being familiar with the legal provisions. 

  2. Erbschaftssteuer und Schenkungssteuer

    Inheritance and Gift Taxes - 12 Things You Need to Know

    Almost all industrialized nations have an inheritance tax. This includes Switzerland. With the exception of Schwyz, all cantons levy such a tax. It is generally levied as an inheritance tax for every heir and legatee. In addition, almost all cantons levy a gift tax. That way, even transfers of assets before death are taxed.

  3. Residential property after death

    What Happens to the Family Home If One of the Partners Dies?

    For a woman, the death of a partner can also have a significant financial impact on the residential property. Women should prepare for this scenario as early as possible.

  4. Appointment of heirs

    How Free Are You to Appoint Your Heirs?

    A person's last wishes have great importance in all cultures and are accordingly regulated in a legally precise manner. Nonetheless, there are legal regulations that allow for some testamentary leeway. There are therefore options to arrange the order of succession more freely during your lifetime – see example.

  5. Testament and Disposal of Estate

    The Five Most Important Tips for Testaments, Inheritance, and Bequests

    The disposal of an estate is a rather difficult matter for most people. Those who want to take deliberate action must regularly analyze their own situation and know the legal provisions. Take note of these five tips!

  6. conflict free bequests planning inheritance early pays off

    Making bequests without conflict. The way to manage inheritance.

    With testaments, marriage contracts, inheritance contracts, and other arrangements, it's easy to plan every inheritance according to your own wishes. Richard Wälti, Credit Suisse expert on inheritance law, explains the most important terms in this interview.