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Sergio Garcia

Take tomorrow with Sergio Garcia.

Professional golfer Sergio Garcia knows all about the importance of a powerful drive to get the ball closer to the green. But as he revealed in the latest Take tomorrow interview, what really motivates him is the drive to get better as a player and a person.

The drive to keep improving.

With a Masters title and the Ryder Cup all-time record for points scored, Sergio has spent more than two decades clocking up the achievements. The setbacks, however, have taught him the most.

"Tough moments … you can let them take you down or you can learn from them."

Moving on from mistakes has helped him stay focused on what matters. Or, as he puts it, “You can’t let just one hole ruin your whole day.”

In this insightful, humble exchange, Sergio speaks with Brian Blackstone, Head of ESG Communications, and Thomas Gottstein, CEO of Credit Suisse, about the joy he gets from his long-standing foundation, the power of connecting with others, and the constant push to get better – both on the course and off.

Sergio Garcia video cover image

Learn more about Sergio’s drive and motivations that could help you, too, stay a step ahead.

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