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Roger Federer

Take Tomorrow with Roger Federer.

According to Roger Federer “a lot starts with the mind and the passion you show.” As a foundation head, investor, budding entrepreneur and, of course, legendary tennis player, he would know. Our first Take Tomorrow interview goes beyond the accolades to shed light on the person behind the accomplishments. The interview was moderated by Babak Dastmaltschi, Head of Investment Banking Advisory and Chairman of Strategic Client Partners, International Wealth Management, Credit Suisse.

Give it all you have.

In this thoughtful, inspiring exchange, Roger talks about the people and motivations that have shaped his experiences on and off the court. Agility, stability, fire and ice are just a few of the elements that have been integral to Roger’s success as well as his response to setbacks. Now, as he widens his focus on other pursuits, he is just as determined to stay positive.

“It’s a great moment to help each other. Motivation is key in life. So if you can have a positive mindset, give it all you have and have no regrets, it’s all good.”

Learn more about Roger’s philosophy and practical tips that could help you, too, stay a step ahead.

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