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Take Care of Your Family

A Real Partnership to Manage, Protect, and Preserve Your Family Wealth

You have worked hard to make your family wealth grow. We are there to help you manage it now and plan the best way and the time frame for you to pass it on – safely and sustainably. Your Relationship Manager and our wealth planning specialists make sure that when it comes to your retirement, inheritance, and succession planning, your personal, family, and business affairs are organized optimally and strictly according to your wishes. Together with us, you can:

  • Streamline Your Inheritance Planning
  • Institute a Family Governance System
  • Benefit from Our Family Office Solutions

Family Office Services

Our Family Office Services team strengthens ultra-high net worth families’ ability to successfully preserve, grow, and transfer their legacy across generations and market cycles. 

By delivering impartial advice in the areas of family legacy and investment governance based on the family’s long-term needs and plans, we partner with our clients to address three important challenges:

1. Family Legacy: 
Planning for your family's long-term success

2. Architecture: 
Providing the appropriate support to achieve your goals
3. Wealth Management: 
Managing your family's investments in line with your vision
We advise families on policies to ensure a smooth transition of wealth and businesses to maintain family harmony. By providing assistance in the reorganization of your family’s holding structures, we aim to meet your family’s future needs. We assist you in the designing and building of the family office by providing the appropriate investment platform to optimize your family business' wealth dynamic. We provide guidance in developing policies, strategies, processes, and committees.

Your Benefits:

  • Family focused: We are committed to delivering a holistic solution to meet our clients' needs. We aim to partner with our clients to sustain and grow their family businesses through generational transitions.
  • Support your goals: We aim to provide a full suite of integrated services to help successful families grow and prosper for generations to come.
  • Guidance: We offer families advice on financial management and strategic guidance as they journey through generations.

Family Office Webinar Series 2021:

The Credit Suisse Family Office webinar series 2021 — a three-part webinar series sought to provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in setting up a Single Family Office – structure and management.

Find out more about the webinar series here:

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Wealth Planning 

Wealth planning allows you to protect your wealth and transfer it to future generations. 

We offer a broad range of strategies and products to seamlessly transfer your assets to the next generation according to your wishes, and continue your legacy. 

Your Benefits: 

  • Preserve family businesses for future generations 
  • Adapt plans to changing family circumstances and avoid disputes 
  • Optimize world-wide assets for multinational families