For Individuals & Families Secure Your Legacy

Secure Your Legacy

We Help You Leave a Lasting Imprint

Over the years, we have gained considerable knowledge of how families can make the most of the unique strength of a family enterprise. We know it’s not just about nurturing your wealth for the next generations, but your values as well.
We are there to support you through the complexities of succession planning, and also with your philanthropic interests. So that your legacy endures.

Ensure a Robust Succession Plan for Your Company

Have you already considered who might lead your company when you are no longer working? Do you know what needs to be taken into account when planning a business succession? The Credit Suisse Wealth Planning team supports you in handling this complex challenge, helping to safeguard your assets and the fruits of your life's work, as well as existing jobs.

Make a Difference with Your Wealth

Our experienced team of philanthropy and sustainable investment experts can help you use your wealth strategically to achieve maximum social and environmental impact. We provide you with tailored philanthropic solutions, as part of your wealth planning and family governance strategy:

  • Strategic advice, including portfolio screening, based on your personal values and objectives
  • Investment management with customized portfolio solutions
  • Supporting services, which includes reporting tailored for you
  • A long-term partnership with regular access to exclusive events which support knowledge-sharing among peers
  • We also help you set up your own foundations.

Philanthropy Advisory Services

Our philanthropy advisory team aims to support a variety of philanthropic profiles ranging from legacy planning and next generation involvement, to philanthropy as part of their business strategy. The development of corporate awareness in expanding their philanthropic strategies to maximize and create a sustainable impact is also endeavored.