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Investment Solutions

Strategic Solutions

Our strategic advisors works closely with our Investment Banking & Capital Markets business to offer tailored advice and solutions on corporate transactions to suit your distinctive needs. You will have access to tailor-made investment opportunities, by sourcing and placing initial public offering (IPO) cornerstone investments, loans, private equity, real estate funds, and other customized private offerings.

Your Benefits

  • Access to exclusive offerings
  • Variety of offerings through a single point of entry (acting as the gateway to Credit Suisse as a whole)
  • Cornerstone and anchor investment opportunities in IPO situations

Funds & ETFs

Credit Suisse is a pioneer of open architecture. This means that we offer funds from both internal as well as a large number of external providers. A universe of more than 10,000 funds available on the platform is continuously monitored by a team of highly experienced fund analysts in order to identify funds for all investment themes.

Your Benefits

  • Broad diversification of the fund holdings reduces the investment risk
  • Experience and skills of financial specialists to identify top performing funds
  • Investments in markets that are difficult to access, such as emerging markets
  • No time-consuming administration of the investment portfolio

Alternative Investments

Diversify your portfolio with sources of returns beyond traditional asset classes – stocks, bonds, and cash.
Due to our leading presence in key markets and networks of relationships with third-party managers, we are able to offer you access to a wide and diverse range of alternative investment opportunities.

Your Benefits

  • Private equity – including single and multi-manager solutions across an extensive range of strategies as well as co-investment opportunities
  • Hedge funds – including single and multi-manager solutions across an extensive range of strategies

Discretionary Portfolio and Advisory Solutions

With Credit Suisse Portfolio Solutions you have the flexibility of delegating your portfolio management to us or taking an active role in your day-to-day investment decisions.

Investment Management Credit Suisse Invest
  • You prefer to delegate all day-to-day investment decisions to Credit Suisse
  • You prefer to make your own investment decisions
  • You manage your portfolio with our advice 

Your benefits:

  • Experienced professionals manage your investments
  • Make the most out of investment opportunities with an efficient and timely execution
  • Access to our latest investment ideas
  • Not requiring to constantly monitor markets but be able to stay on top of your financial situation with regular updates and performance reports
  • Benefit from a simple and transparent fee structure which demonstrates an alignment of interests

Your benefits:

  • Access to a set of sophisticated investment services such as portfolio health check and performance reporting as well as specialist support
  • Retain direct control of your portfolio and receive professional opinions on your investment ideas
  • Access to our latest investment ideas
  • Enjoy regular updates on your portfolio's performance
  • Benefit from a simple and transparent fee structure which demonstrates an alignment of interests

Foreign Exchange and Commodities

Foreign exchange and commodity investments offer a comprehensive range of products to enable you to diversify your portfolio and potentially enhance your returns. Our team of professionals is ready to advise you on ways to capitalize on investment and trading opportunities through a set of tailor-made solutions. We can also advise you on ways to hedge your portfolio against currency and inflation risks, as well as diversification strategies via asset allocation and portfolio correlation.

Tap into a wide range of products from foreign exchange to commodities.

Your Benefits:

  • Customized solutions to match your specific demands
  • Competitive pricing and quick access to markets
  • Direct access to our foreign exchange specialists for active trading clients
  • 24/5 market coverage capabilities

Fixed Income

Fixed income investments such as government bonds and investment-grade credits offer a less risky investment strategy and can be used to improve the risk-return ratio of your portfolio as well as provide a fixed and regular income. A bond is a contractual obligation of the issuer to pay interest and principal at agreed times. Under normal circumstances, longer maturity bonds usually offer a higher yield.

As a Credit Suisse client, you have access to best-in-class bond funds and benefit from an efficient trade execution. Your Relationship Manager can tailor solutions from a full range of funds with the support of various specialist teams. Your Relationship Manager will also plan for a continuous reinvestment of your assets.

Your Benefits:

  • Customized portfolio, matching your return and risk expectations
  • Potential income from interest payments
  • Maturities tailored to your investment plans and liquidity requirements
  • Frequent research updates to capitalize on market opportunities


Being one of the most liquid investments, equities offer diversification by region, sector, theme, and style, allowing you to select the appropriate level of risk for your appetite. At Credit Suisse, you benefit from a comprehensive offering of funds and derivatives products with equities underlying, evaluated by an experienced team of research and product specialists, presented to you with recommendations.

Your Benefits:

  • Access to broad and timely research with a focus on the Asia Pacific region
  • Tailor-made solutions matching your risk profile
  • Access to a full spectrum of equity-related investments possibilities
  • Frequent research updates to capitalize on short- and long-term market opportunities

Structured Products

Structured products are financial products whose returns are linked to underlying stocks, interest rates, commodities or indices. They are used as flexible alternative to traditional investments, and designed to provide investors with targeted investments tied to their specific risk profiles, return requirements, and market expectations.

Your Benefits:

  • Variety of product types including capital protection upon expiry as well as fixed interest payments
  • Tailor-made investment solution meeting your individual financial needs and market view
  • Access to different issuers providing innovative solutions, competitive pricing, and credit risk diversification

Market Views and Analysis

Our market views and analysis help you to understand the latest investment trends and opportunities, with access to our latest investment publications and research reports.

Your Benefits:

  • Benefit from Credit Suisse’s view on markets and investment opportunities
  • Up-to-date financial information
  • Ability to make informed investment decisions

Strategic Asset Allocation

Access to state-of-the-art capital market assumptions and industry-proven asset allocation models and tools looking as far as five years ahead, drawing on our long experience with sophisticated institutional and private investors (with a dedicated team in place since 1991). We are able to provide you with implementable proposals due to our close links to a variety of in-house investment specialists.

Your Benefits:

  • Greater satisfaction with investment performance due to optimized asset allocation
  • Better understanding of expected results in different scenarios, higher level of comfort and no surprises
  • Higher level of confidence in investment decisions/process due to an explicit framework set according to best practice/state-of-the-art investment process
  • Efficient governance of wealth (across asset managers) due to an explicit framework
  • Ability to judge how (new) investment ideas fit into the overall concept/strategy of personal objectives and restrictions; react faster when markets change without missing long-term objectives


Credit Suisse can provide you with short-term cash alternatives to complement and enhance your investment portfolio. Offering a range of customizable solutions to effectively manage your cash and liquidity needs.

Your Benefits:

  • Opportunity to earn income on uninvested cash balances
  • Eligible as collateral for certain loan vehicles

Prime Services

Prime services is a suite of Credit Suisse’s investment banking services traditionally available only to hedge funds and now also available to sophisticated private banking clients managing a hedge fund style strategy.

We provide our sophisticated private banking clients looking to become more institutional Credit Suisse’s trading and portfolio financing solutions through our industry-leading investment bank’s prime brokerage offering (called prime services when offered to private banking clients).

Your Benefits:

  • Access to full suite of investment banking products and services
  • Dynamic leverage on the portfolio that favors long/short and diversification
  • Dedicated client service representative managing day-to-day queries