Financial Planning and Pension Provision 3rd Pillar: Save on Taxes While Maximizing Your Potential Return

3rd Pillar: Save on Taxes While Maximizing Your Potential Return Credit Suisse Top Stories

The Private pension – 3rd pillar supplements your state pension and employee benefits insurance and gives you three opportunities to reduce your taxes. Thanks to two new investment groups with increased equity holdings of 75%, you can enjoy an even greater share of future equity market developments, thus maximizing your potential returns over the long term.

Taxes Down

With the third pillar, you can save taxes by skillfully staggering: upon deposit, during the term, and when you withdraw the third pillar retirement savings. It is important that you assess the third pillar as part of your overall pension situation, thus also taking AHV, pension fund, other assets, and all obligations into account.

Yields Up

With the third pillar you can optimize your return opportunities. Credit Suisse now offers you one actively managed and one indexed securities solution with an equity quota of 75% each.

  • Credit Suisse - actively managed securities solution with 75% equity component
  • Credit Suisse - indexed securities solution with 75% equity component

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Detailed information:

  • Three ways to lower taxes
  • Learn more about the ways in which securities solutions can maximize your potential returns, including increased equity holdings of 75%.
  • Compute your tax savings online now, and take charge of your financial future.
  • Learn about private retirement provision in Switzerland and why it is becoming more important.