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Pension Fund Membership (2nd pillar)

Employees earning an annual salary that is subject to mandatory contributions to Federal Old Age and Survivors' Insurance are insured from a certain amount in a pension fund. This is the case with most individuals. Self-employed individuals, by contrast, are often not members of pension funds, but are allowed to deduct a higher statutory maximum. However, self-employed individuals are also permitted to join a pension fund voluntarily.

Opening a Pension Account - 3rd Pillar / Pension Securities Account – 3rd pillar

By choosing the Pension account – 3rd pillar, you opt for maximum security, and with the Pension securities account – 3rd pillar you have a chance of higher returns over the long term. We offer you a broad range of actively managed and indexed securities solutions. Depending on the equity component of the investment group you select, the opportunity to generate higher returns may also lead to fluctuations in value. Both the Pension account – 3rd pillar and the Pension securities account – 3rd pillar offer attractive tax advantages.

When you open a Pension securities account – 3rd pillar, you will also require a Pension account – 3rd pillar for settlement purposes. There is no charge for this account.

With the Pension plan – 3rd pillar, payments made to the Pension account – 3rd pillar are automatically invested in the Pension securities account – 3rd pillar. A balance query is carried out daily. Investments are made in the selected investment group as soon as the balance reaches at least CHF 200.


°This product has an average equity component of 75% and thus exceeds the prescribed category limit for equities pursuant to Art. 55 BVV 2. Due to the large equity component, this product involves a higher risk than pension solutions with a maximum equity holding of 50%.

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