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  1. Economic developments: A spotlight on inflation and financial markets

    Spotlight on the latest economic developments

    Opinions on the economic situation and the markets have seldom been so disparate. Is the global economy resilient or heading for recession? Is inflation rising or falling? And what does it all mean for companies, interest rates and raw materials? Examining the signals coming from the stock exchanges, the data, and the latest study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) can help us to better understand the current situation on the markets.

  2. Investing in gold: Buying gold as a safe investment

    Investing in gold: These options are available to investors

    Investors have an effective tool against the risk of economic crises and high inflation: buying gold. As part of a portfolio, gold can reduce the overall risk of investments. Find out what the options are for investing in gold and what the pros and cons of gold investments are.

  3. How the energy crisis is creating momentous opportunities for investors

    The energy crisis is creating almost unlimited investment opportunities

    Crises always have unexpected consequences. For instance, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis it created are likely to accelerate the global energy transition by five to ten years. For long-term investors, the energy transition is creating momentous opportunities.

  4. The 2023 real estate study: How real estate funds are performing

    The 2023 real estate study: How real estate funds are performing

    Listed real estate funds and real estate equities had a severe reaction to the shift in interest rates in 2022. Following the correction, the market is beginning to regain its footing. Read the 2023 real estate study to learn about Credit Suisse's assessment of the real estate market's performance and what possible impact investors can expect.

  5. Investing in March 2023: Risk of loss for equities despite a good start to the year

    Investing in March 2023: Our views in brief

    Credit Suisse gives its perspective on economic and financial market developments over the short to medium term and looks at the implications for investors. Thanks to falling energy prices and robust economic data, these companies have had a very good start to the year on the stock market. However, caution is advised: The risk of recession remains elevated, and equities currently have a high risk of loss.

  6. Financial markets: How should the stock market recovery be handled?

    Bulls vs. bears: Changes in sentiment on the financial markets

    In the constant struggle between bulls and bears on the financial markets, investors need to be prepared for sudden reversals. The most recent example of this is the stock market recovery that started last fall. No matter which way the wind blows, however, the secret of successful investing remains the same: investing for the long term, with a clear strategy and a well-diversified portfolio.

  7. Investing in Switzerland: Ten questions

    Investing in the Swiss market. Answers to the most pressing questions.

    The new year offers an opportunity to look at your own investments. This is particularly important after a stressful year like 2022: Negative interest rates are history, inflation is back, and war is raging in Europe. What's next? There are more variables than constants. This makes it all the more important to answer some questions about investing that investors may have always wanted to ask.

  8. Renewable energy sources to dominate the energy mix of tomorrow

    In the face of geopolitical tensions, energy security will continue to be at the top of government agendas in 2023. The search for a more secure energy system – in Europe and elsewhere – involves a number of measures from which renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind power are likely to benefit most.

  9. Investment Outlook 2023: Upcoming reorientation of the global economy

    Investment Outlook 2023: Forecasts for targeted investments

    To begin with, one thing is clear: 2023 could be a year with two sides to it, as far as financial markets are concerned. While bonds are likely to celebrate a comeback, equities will probably still face headwinds next year as well. Find out more in the Investment Outlook 2023, with forecasts for individual investment opportunities.

  10. Investment Outlook 2023: Upcoming reset for the global economy

    Investment Outlook 2023: Upcoming reset for the global economy

    A turbulent year is drawing to a close. However, the impacts will likely be felt for the next 12 months and beyond. Time-tested economic structures and formations are shifting. Credit Suisse's Investment Outlook 2023 with forecasts for the global economy and the financial markets.