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  1. A pile of coins that signifies that cash is more tangible for children than digital money.

    Is Cash King?

    Back in the day, you could virtually only pay with cash and shop during store opening hours. Cards, cell phones, and online banking now enable 24/7 spending. Should cash even be part of financial education? Daniel Betschart of Pro Juventute answers this question in his column.

  2. The future of payment: a person paying via TWINT with a cell phone held to a card reader.

    Will Cash Become Extinct?

    Cash or card? The preference for a means of payment varies from country to country. In Scandinavia, for instance, payments are made almost exclusively by card – whether at the kiosk or the supermarket. But what is the situation in Switzerland?

  3. Child shopping online with a cell phone

    When Children Buy Online

    The danger of unwanted purchases on the internet is everywhere. Whether in online shops or app stores – thanks to saved logins and the stored credit card, one click is often all it takes to complete a purchase. Parents often only notice the consequences when the credit card bill arrives. Here are some tips for childproof online shopping.

  4. Laughing girl with wallet and her first Viva Kids Maestro card

    The First Maestro Card of Their Own

    A Maestro card has many advantages, such as being able to withdraw cash or conveniently pay at the checkout. But when is actually the right time to teach children how to handle this means of payment? And what should be taken into account? Dr. Christoph Mattes, lecturer for social work at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, explains in an interview how parents can prepare their children for their first Maestro card.