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We are here for you.

We greatly value the trust you place in Credit Suisse. Please rest assured that our focus and commitment during this challenging time remains on serving you. 

Over the past weeks and month, the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting containment strategies implemented by governments around the world have caused increased volatility in financial markets. Within the pressure and challenges of this environment the safety of our employees, clients and communities remains our highest priority.

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Taking action to protect

As a global bank we have robust Business Continuity Management capabilities in place that allow decisions to be taken quickly to protect both clients and employees while ensuring operations. Earlier this year our contingency measures started to be implemented in APAC and we have extended these as appropriate to all other regions and locations. Our operations can be conducted remotely, from different cities and even in the case of quarantine. We continue to monitor the situation very closely and are taking appropriate actions until we return to a more normal operating environment.

Our employees

We fully understand the extremely challenging situations that employees are facing, both professionally and personally. Global, regional and country crisis teams are operating seamlessly to ensure the health and safety of our employees - a key priority for us. We have implemented additional health and safety measures in our offices that are consistent with the guidance and recommendations from both the national and international health authorities, as well as regulatory authorities, and are working to ensure employees are given the support they need during this time.

Advising to protect

In periods of market turmoil, the demand for trusted financial advice is greater than ever. Regular market assessments by our Global Chief Investment Officer and his team are a valuable tool to help our clients navigate the current environment. This group of experts is working to provide relevant investment advice to clients with the best current views on the latest developments.

Articles and stories

Read articles on topical issues and find stories of interest.

Private clients

Anticipating and acting on our clients’ changing needs is unquestionably a key part of being a successful financial partner especially in extraordinary times. Our Relationship Managers are available via telephone, email or Online Banking. As always, they are keen to support our clients and to connect them with the global Credit Suisse network of experts across Private Banking as well as Investment Banking and Asset Management to provide tailored and holistic solutions.

Corporate and institutional clients

We know all of our clients are making adjustments to the way they work, as the world and the markets are seeing unprecedented events. Nevertheless we continue to facilitate trading across all asset classes and regions. The extensive partnership with our clients throughout this time is recognized and valued. Our Investment Banking and Capital Markets and Global Markets teams remain committed to providing solutions and products that help companies and investors navigate these challenging times.

Committed to protect

We encourage everyone to show solidarity and support others, and to help protect the elderly and those particularly at risk by following the appropriate rules and hygiene measures. By treating others with consideration, care and respect, we are all contributing so that communities across the globe can emerge stronger from this crisis.