Stay Informed with Investment Advice and Expertise

Stay Informed with Investment Advice and Expertise

As an interested investor, you want to stay on top of current events in the economy and the markets. Which investments are trending? What is the latest expert opinion? What should one bear in mind when investing? Credit Suisse has extensive international expertise in the financial markets. We make this available to you in "Invest Better".

The investor website "Invest Better" from Credit Suisse provides expertise on the economy and capital markets. Newcomers will find valuable investing advice in our investment tips while more sophisticated investors can gain in-depth knowledge on specific topics, individual asset classes, and investment strategies and opportunities. In addition, we report on the latest investment trends. Because better investing means staying informed. 

Investment Trends – Detect Opportunities Early

Where is it currently worth your while to invest? Which sectors or regions are promising for the future? The Investment Trends section discusses current developments and identifies investment opportunities.

Sometimes, it is hard to know whether a trend is actually promising or just a temporary fad. With in-depth articles, we present future-oriented trends and technologies and show you where the investment opportunities are.

Investment Tips – Guidelines for Less-Experienced Investors

Maybe you are thinking about investing in the financial markets for the first time.  Specific investment tips are particularly helpful for beginners. However, even experienced investors can always be reminded of the need to continuously reconsider their investments and not fall into common investor pitfalls.

In this section, you will find useful tips with which you can learn and develop an  important basis for better investing – such as reducing costs or optimizing returns.

Expertise – Benefit from Specialist Knowledge

The financial experts and analysts at Credit Suisse have a huge wealth of knowledge in their areas of specialization, both in terms of regions and products. In the Expertise section, you can benefit from this expert knowledge and receive valuable background information.

In interviews, experts answer the most important questions about their area of expertise. Further articles discuss specific investment topics. Sophisticated investors can gain in-depth knowledge of products and investment strategies.