Latest information to enable the best investment decisions.

In today’s complex financial environment, making the right investment decisions depends critically on systematic research and clear-sighted investment analysis, always with the client in mind. To do so we rigorously follow our investment philosophy consisting of five core principles:

  1. Meeting our clients’ investment needs and objectives
  2. Having a long-term investment horizon
  3. Using the advantages of diversification
  4. Harvesting Risk Premiums
  5. Maintaining a disciplined investment process

Though, it is our global team of research experts that lays the groundwork for solid investment strategies. As a client of Credit Suisse, you have access to our latest research publications, including our award-winning quarterly, Global Investor. Our experts distill and present the ever-growing mass of information relating to investments in a consistent way for our clients. So that you can keep yourself updated on the latest investment trends and opportunities, and make informed investment decisions.

Credit Suisse Investment Strategy & Research at a Glance

We have 191 Investment and research specialists, covering more than 50 markets, an integrate top-down investment process and office across the globe.


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