For Individuals & Families Seeking to generate returns. Sustainably

Seeking to generate returns. Sustainably

Our society faces serious challenges like natural disasters or the global scarcity of resources. And an increasing number of individuals and institutions are helping to address them. Philanthropists and engaged investors have never had so many opportunities to make a real difference. Or such effective tools.

At Credit Suisse we are strong believers in the role the private sector can play in addressing these challenges. We are hardly alone. These days more and more individuals are looking to incorporate their personal values and objectives into the way they give or into their own wealth management. Institutions around the world are also increasingly taking societal and environmental issues into consideration in their investment decisions, conscious of the benefits these can have for the world at large, their portfolios, and their reputation.

There is much to do to address the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems – but also much that can be done. Investors can engage philanthropically or combine financial returns with social and environmental impact through investments. In our combined Philanthropy and Sustainable Investment offering we have brought together all our expertise, products, and services under one roof. Those looking to make a positive impact have many options to choose from.

As trusted advisors we have a great deal of experience working with different types of clients who are looking to include social and environmental aspects in wealth management. We understand your varied needs, whether you are an individual, family, family office, foundation, or institution like a pension fund. With our proven track record over the past decade offering solutions tailored to clients’ needs, we can help.