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The role of minerals in the clean energy transition

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, the world needs cleaner energy and greener transport. But the construction of solar plants, wind farms and electric vehicles requires more minerals than the equivalent fossil fuel-based technologies. A sustainable supply of these minerals is critical to a clean energy future.

Plastic Pollution – there is hope if we choose the right pathway

Plastic pollution continues to be a key sustainability challenge for the world. Our latest report investigates different aspects of plastic pollution to share our research and allow for better understanding of this complicated issue, where taking action is often not as straightforward as it seems.

Does size matter? The economy of small countries

Small states worldwide thrive even in hostile environments.

Supertrends: How technology is helping fix some of society's most pressing problems

Is technology the simple answer to pressing global issues such as climate change, an aging society and labor shortages?
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