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Take care of your family

A real partnership to manage, protect and preserve your family wealth

You have worked hard to make your family wealth grow. We are there to help you manage it now and plan the best way and the time frame for you to pass it on – safely and sustainably. Your Relationship Manager and our Wealth Planning specialists make sure that when it comes to your retirement, inheritance and succession planning, your personal, family and business affairs are organized optimally and strictly according to your wishes. Together with us, you can: 

  • inheritance planning
  • family governance system
  • Benefit from our family office solutions
  • Protect your wealth through trust solutions

The Power of the Next Generation

Within our Global Next Generation and Families Department we offer wide-ranging educational programs and are in dialogue with members of the next generation of influential families.

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Young Investors Organization
  • Take advantage of our LATAM Family Ties Program

The Family Ties Program is a unique educational program that provides a foundation of knowledge and latest insights from leaders in the financial services industry on managing wealth within a family business. During the events our guests have the opportunity to learn from leading experts in the field as well as to network with peers.

The Program has been developed in close partnership with Professor Ernesto Poza from Thunderbird’s School of Global Management who is also our keynote speaker.

For many families, business success means what started out as a small family business grows over time and starts to make an abundance of money beyond the main business interest, creating family wealth that becomes ever more complex. This means that in addition to the complexity of managing relations between the family and the business, business families have to deal with a new dimension, wealth management.

The skills needed to manage wealth differ enormously from the skills needed to manage a business, and very often, members of business families are not able to recognize this difference. Only when they face the process of generational transition do they become aware of the great challenges of managing shared wealth, which should unite the family at the same time helping maintain certain independence for its members. Sometimes though, it is already too late, resulting in a loss of numerous opportunities to create wealth. Despite the significance of the problem, most current research focuses on analyzing family-business relations, disregarding the implications of the triple family-business-wealth relationship.

Knowing the challenges faced by business families during the generational transition process, Credit Suisse carried out several in-depth researches to understand the entrepreneurial needs, challenges and opportunities. The knowledge we gained, gave us the possibility to develop several White Papers in collaboration with renown academic institutions focused on the relevant topics especially for Latin American Entrepreneur Families.

  • Get the next generation ready

Young Investors Program

We understand the importance of connecting with the next generation. The Young Investors Programme is an exclusive six-day inheritance planning programme we run for the sons and daughters of our most valued clients. Targeted at those aged 20-30, the programme explains the key investment management concepts and the range of asset classes available.

How to attend the Young Investors Program

Please note these events are for clients and participation is by invitation only. Contact your Relationship Manager if you would like your daughter or son to attend. If you are not a client, you can register your interest and we will contact you.

Young Investors Organization (YIO)

The YIO, an independent association sponsored by Credit Suisse, is the premier network of the next generation of many of the most influential families around the world. It fosters lifelong relationships among young adults with similar backgrounds and with Credit Suisse, for the purpose of exchanging ideas, and investment and business opportunities.

The members benefit from experiencing different cultures and pursuing learning in the fields of finance, business and personal development. They play active roles within this unique community and volunteer their time to facilitate the creation of new strategies to bring the community forward.

  • Get prepared for the Millennials

Building a relationship with the next generation and developing, or even “co”-developing the right solutions and services for and with them has been a key priority for Credit Suisse. Millennials are the largest out of any generation since the soon-to-retire Baby Boomer generation. By 2020, millennials will form 50% of the global workforce.

We are focused on reaching out to millennials as they may be a generation more acutely confronted with the financial challenges implied by population ageing and by the long-lasting effects of zero interest rate monetary policy. Credit Suisse does this through the global next generation initiative and also looks at the Millennials’ values within the Supertrends long-term research topics.

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