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Learn about our Mexico services

Commited with Mexico market

Credit Suisse stablished in Mexico with its representative office as far back as 1964. In 2002 the Investment Bank opened its doors and soon after, the Private Bank followed by establishing a local platform. In 2016 Credit Suisse Mexico launched the Advisory Office to offer the most complete and versatile wealth management solutions to our Mexico-based private banking clients. With the Advisory Office, you can:

Enjoy innovative solutions locally

You can benefit from our professional advice and comprehensive suite of investment solutions. We are always looking to innovate new products and services, frequently offering internationally proven solutions, adapted for the Mexican market, based on our local knowledge and experience. Our Relationship Managers, Investment Consultants, Portfolio Managers and Wealth Planners have deep knowledge about national reality and are constantly on top of the local market and legal environment.

Access our global network

We deliver what we call a multi-shore approach. This allows you to not only have your assets booked in Mexico, but you can diversify and book your offshore assets with us. You will continue to get advised by your Relationship Manager in Mexico on your overall assets, while a team of dedicated account managers will accomplish the requirements for every instance. This gives you access to an exclusive international network and expertise on the global financial markets; and unique, customized, global solutions. 

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