Thought-provoking insights were brought to the fore by influential speakers and interactive panel discussions at the 3rd Credit Suisse Asia Entrepreneurs' Forum on May 14, 2019, at the Fairmont Hotel in Jakarta.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

18:00 Registration

Welcome address

  • Benjamin Cavalli
    Head of Private Banking South Asia & Singapore CEO, Credit Suisse

Keynote dialogue

Moderator: Jullie Kan, Vice Chairman Southeast Asia, Private Banking, Credit Suisse

19:45 – 20:25

Panel discussion: Insights from tech start-ups

By 2020, it is projected that global market for cross-border, business-to-consumer e-commerce will top USD 900 billion.1 

It is estimated that Indonesia’s online commerce market today exceeds USD 8 billion with some 30 million online shoppers. The figures are expected to rise to USD 65 billion by 2022.2  

Technology start-ups have disrupted traditional brick and mortar businesses in multiple ways. From e-commerce, to electric vehicles, to ride-hailing and financial services, we have all felt the power of technology-driven start-ups changing our way of life.

What motivates start-up founders to do what they do? How do they go about identifying and developing a sustainable model that can keep up with the revolution?

How can investors identify where the potential lies in the next leap in technological innovation?



Moderator: Lito Camacho, Vice Chairman Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse

20:25 – 20:35 Break
20:35 – 21:15

Panel discussion: The technology deal landscape

2018 was a spectacular year for the global venture capital market where it is estimated that 34,000 deals were concluded, with over USD 91 billion invested in Q4.3

Venture capital funding of AI companies soared 72 percent last year, hitting a record USD 9.3 billion.4

Here in South Asia, VC funds are the backbone of technology driven start-up scene and Indonesia in particular has been attractive to VC investments.

There are 88.1 million internet users in Indonesia – 34% of the total population – and of these, 64.1 million are active users. It is expected that the growth of mobile phone and internet users to reach 8% per year by 2022, by which time it will encompass 113.5 million people.5

The rapid penetration of digital technology in Indonesia as the middle class grows will present tremendous opportunities for all players along the technology value chain, fostering an ever-growing gig economy.

How can investors and start-up companies navigate and participate in the new technology landscape?



Moderator: Lito Camacho, Vice Chairman Asia Pacific, Credit Suisse


Closing address

  • Johanes Oeni
    Market Group Head of Indonesia, Private Banking, Credit Suisse


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