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The 3rd Credit Suisse Asia Entrepreneurs' Forum was held on May 14, 2019, at the Fairmont Hotel in Jakarta.

Technology & Growth: Insights from Entrepreneurs & Deal-makers

The rapid pace of technological and social change is causing significant disruption globally, making it tougher and less predictable for one to plan for the future. Technology impacts industries far beyond the ones they were developed for, what is core to a business today may not be needed tomorrow.

There is no arguing that rapid digital adoption by Asian middle-class consumers is creating huge business potential, and at the same time disrupting old business models. Deal opportunities in technology and e-commerce in particular are abundant.

In Indonesia, President Jokowi believes e-commerce has the potential to reach a transaction value of USD 53 billion. McKinsey estimates the size of Indonesia’s online commerce market today exceeds USD 8 billion with some 30 million online shoppers. This figure is expected to rise to USD 65 billion by 2022.

Leading Indonesian and South East Asian entrepreneurs and deal-makers in the Technology sector gathered at the 3rd Credit Suisse Asia Entrepreneurs' Forum on May 14, 2019 to bring these topics to the fore with thought-provoking insights and interactive panel discussions.

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