About the Conference

The Credit Suisse Global Supertrends Forum has become an essential fixture for investors in Australia. Bringing together some of the brightest minds to provide an inside track into the compelling Supertrends shaping the future.

What are Supertrends?

As the world recalibrates, what are the emerging technologies, sectors and industries that will leapfrog others? The Credit Suisse Supertrends investment framework has helped investors decipher a challenging landscape by providing actionable ideas for high-conviction, long-term thematic investments.

Transcending business cycles, our Supertrends themes identify the disruptive forces sparking industry transformations and long-term growth.

And more significantly, they help advance societal development by fully aligning with all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Equity investors benefited in 2021 from the strong global economic recovery and investment returns that were substantially above their historical average. Our Supertrends even managed to outperform the MSCI World.

We currently have six high-conviction Supertrends: "Anxious societies – inclusive capitalism", "Infrastructure – closing the gap", "Technology – at the service of humans", "Silver economy – investing for population aging", "Millennials' values – Gen Z and Y" and "Climate change – decarbonizing the economy".

Here to stay, these are the Supertrends of our future.

The Credit Suisse Global Supertrends Forum is designed to bring the investment framework to life, providing the perfect forum to hear directly from renowned opinion leaders and experts on the key actions required to bring about sustainable growth and positive impact.

Join us in-person this year in Sydney and Melbourne at our flagship forum and discover unique opportunities to achieve your financial, societal and environmental goals.