For Foundations & Endowments Realize Investment Returns & Societal Objectives

Realize Investment Returns & Societal Objectives

We provide comprehensive and dedicated support, from the very beginning

At Credit Suisse, we know the value of every endowment dollar is measured in what it can do for the community.  As your partner we are dedicated to helping Foundations and Endowments not only realize investment returns but also to achieve other objectives, which can fulfil a spectrum of societal objectives. We have worked with many Foundations and Endowments to build comprehensive solutions to their requirements and needs.   

As fiduciaries, defining an investment strategy is one of your central tasks. As a first step in establishing the investment strategy we review the existing Investment Policy Statement, or can assist in establishing a document in the instance that an Investment Policy Statement has not yet been articulated. We provide advice to ensure it is reflecting best practice and a clear and transparent alignment between the Foundation’s mission and its spending, investment and ethical objectives.

Credit Suisse is able to accommodate two methods of investment management services subject to the degree of delegation preferred by our Foundation and Endowment clients.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management model
    Under our Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM) model, the day-to-day running of your investment portfolio is taken care of by a dedicated team of highly experienced investment and portfolio managers at Credit Suisse.
  • Investment Portfolio Advisory model Under this model, we undertake the same disciplined investment management approach as we use for DPM model however, the Foundation Investment Committee retains direct decision-making control of the investment portfolio either under existing or modified Investment Policy Statement arrangements.

All investments are held with the client as the beneficial owner and we seek to maximise your return based on your tax status.

Both models have a simple and transparent fee structure, without inducement or acceptance of commissions or trails, which demonstrates Credit Suisse’s alignment with the interests of the Foundation and avoids conflicts of interest.

If the Foundation prefers to retain direct decision-making control of only a portion of the overall investment portfolio, this can be accommodated and effectively combines the two models described above.

Whilst asset allocation in the foundation and endowment sector is client specific, the fiduciary duties of Foundations and Endowment custodians are applicable for all clients. When working with Foundations and Endowment organisations, we are conscious of the fiduciary obligation of each to manage donors’ monies prudently with due care and, where appropriate, recognising the purpose of the donation. This is consistent with our approach and we acknowledge these obligations within our advice.

Our team of dedicated specialists are committed to being your partner and assisting you, our clients, meet their obligations, manage their assets and provide strategic advice and guidance to help them realize their strategic goals and aspirations.