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We have recently improved how we manage disclosures to underline our commitment to enhanced transparency. Our key sustainability metrics are listed here.  

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Sustainability report 2021

Find out more about what we are doing to advance sustainability in our business, measure progress and report against our targets in our sustainability report, part of our annual reporting suite.

Sustainable Investment Framework

As a global financial institution, we have an important role to play in making a positive impact on society and the environment. We believe that we can do so while also generating market-rate or higher returns. We are of the belief that integrating ESG into investment analysis can help make for better-informed investment decisions, regardless of an investor’s motivation for making an impact.


Sustainable Activities Framework

In 2021, Credit Suisse developed a new framework, which takes into consideration its existing policies and frameworks as well as market standards, to underpin and define how the bank partners with clients to support them with their sustainability objectives through sustainable financing and advisory services. The Sustainable Activities Framework aims to provide clarity on classification, credibility, transparency and governance around how the bank accounts for and reports its sustainable finance activities.


Our sustainable research & insights

We carry out research into a wide range of sustainability topics and offer expert analysis of trends in sustainable finance. Our insights highlight innovation in the broad field of sustainable investing and introduce new ideas about financing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Treeprint – The Beginning of the Big Carbon Age

Growth in carbon markets will have wide-ranging implications for climate finance, corporate strategy, and global trade. The longer nations defer taking action, the higher and faster carbon prices would have to rise to achieve the current climate objectives.


Treeprint – The ROE of a tree

“The ROE of a tree” is the second in a series of reports that address the broader carbon cycle. This report argues that these changes could help accelerate reforestation efforts and outlines why we believe planting trees could be a profitable activity, not least for farmers.


Treeprint – When emissions turn personal

The need for the world to address climate change appears obvious when viewed through the lens of the latest Assessment Report released by the IPCC in early August. Much of the debate around climate change centers on what governments or companies say or do. However, we believe this ignores the ultimate driver of emissions: the consumer.


Unearthing investor action on biodiversity

With around half of the world's GDP highly or moderately dependent on nature, it is evident that biodiversity is an issue investors should engage with. Our survey of leading global asset managers and asset owners provides new insight into investor interest, understanding and efforts to address biodiversity in their portfolios and strategies.


Engaging for a Blue Economy

Investing in our ocean is not just an imperative for planetary and human health – it also makes good business sense. We explore the growing theme of engagement for the Blue Economy featuring global ocean experts working towards UN SDG 14: Life Below Water.


Investing in the Blue Economy

Surveying leading global investors on the 'investability' of ocean-related sectors, our report produced in partnership with Responsible Investor provides a unique insight into the present and future state of investor action on UN SDG 14: Life Below Water.


Exploring the appetite for Alternative Protein

Recent breakthroughs in plant-based proteins and increasing awareness of environmental issues has led to rapid growth in demand for "alternative proteins". We explore the range of alternative proteins, quantify environmental impact of adopting alternative proteins and examine market potential in Asia.


EdTech. Coronavirus and beyond

The Coronavirus crisis has shifted Education Technology onto a global scale. As the world’s students adopt online learning, our report examines the future of EdTech, one of the most exciting sectors in the economy, and its positive impact on achieving UN SDG 4: Quality Education for All.


From ESG to the SDGs

Our first ‘Exploring Impact Series’ paper looks at developments in sustainable and impact investing. We dig deeper into the shift to focus on the impact of company products and their contribution to solving the world's most pressing problems, how to evaluate that impact and invest in these themes.


The Double Delta of Impact Investing

Our second paper in the 'Exploring Impact Series' examines developments in sustainable and impact investing. In our second paper we focus on Delta 2 – investor level impact – and explore how investors can evaluate investments and their ability to deliver high-impact outcomes.


Meet the responsible consumer

As sustainability and climate change concerns occupy more headlines, more people question how we make, use and dispose of goods and services. In a new report, we look at the rise of responsible consumerism, the sectors ripe for disruption and what this means for investors and entrepreneurs.


Sustainability and ESG thought-leadership

The Credit Suisse Research Institute produces regular thought leadership and original research on sustainability and ESG issues. By producing new data and exploring it from unique perspectives, this research contributes to our understanding of critical topics in the sustainability field. 

The future of food


Climate change & the energy transition


Water scarcity


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